Quirky style with Nicky Rockets

As I'm sure many will agree there aren't that many brands out there for us plus size ladies which are UK based which have great size ranges up to a 5xl, it's hard to come across especially with sassy and alternative looks – well my prayers have been answered when it comes to alternative and edgy in the form of Nicky Rockets, a small brand based in the UK who are serving up some fine work and I want it all. 
Feeling sassy!

I'd heard of Nicky Rockets before Curve Fashion Festival (CFF*) 2017 but had never seen their clothing in person so like many people I was sceptical about buying from online companies, but worry not – the clothing I saw was really good quality, very reasonable and market beating prices and quite frankly that sassyness we plus size women need in clothes. They have a range of t-shirts which seems to be ever changing (I love a bit of variety) which currently includes the Villains Trio which I fell in love with at CFF, the slogans are what got me plus the use of the badass villains we all know and love.  
The evil trio
The sizing of the brand seems to be spot on, I went with one size up to my usual size but could have gone with my usual size, I just like a bit more comfort in my t-shirts and I liked the slash neckline having more space across my shoulders. The range of sizes available is great especially given this is a home grown small company. I'd definitely recommend sending your money their way in exchange for what they have to offer. 

At the festival I picked up this little number, one of their slash neck t-shirts with real bite and I have been washing and wearing at least once a week, after being washed the quality has remained the same and the t-shirt hasn't shrunk one bit so bonus points.  I chose to style it with Matalan jeggings, a pair of Ruby Shoes (the brand not just the colour of them), red lipstick and a little Primark rose bracelet.
Enjoying the last of the good weather in my Matalan jeggings, Ruby Shoes (from Treds) & my awesome villians shirt.
This awakening to not only a British company who hand print their products but a company who sells plus items at great prices has lead me to ordering the Ursula "Don't Judge me" hoodie and the Halloween "Sometimes I'm a Nightmare" t-shirt inspired by Freddy Krueger because I just can't get enough of this brand and Halloween always has been my favourite time of year, nothing like a casual bit of Halloween on a working day in the office or out to play afterwards. 
I have teamed this t-shirt with heels to go for a more glam look, I've also worn it multiple times with a pair of trainers and jeans and the next look I'm going for will be tucked into a skirt for a more feminine style twist, though I wouldn't say the evil queen needs to be more feminine, she's both a badass and a woman – what more could you ask for? Girl power in its finest sense, even if the villians are a little naughty. 

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