I'm Nici, 23, a plus size fashion and beauty blogger based in Birmingham, England. I started this blog because of some amazing women who inspired me, honestly what did I have to lose?

I love to write and take photographs, studying photography was something I dreamed of from a young age and I was once told by a teacher that if I didn't grow up to be a writer they'd be surprised - so here I am. Not in the medium of a book but on a different platform entirely.

With me what you see is what you get, I believe in honesty but never being unkind. 

Fashion and beauty are my passions.

I love getting new makeup and trying out new things, getting that perfect blend with eyeshadow, a beautiful rich lipstick, a highlight that you can see from outer space or a more subtle look for the day job.

Plus size fashion once had a lot to answer for (and sometimes still does!) but the feel of a new dress, getting a bargain in the sale or getting that piece you've had on your wish list forever is the same for all of us fashion lovers, no matter your size. Fashion is universal and watching women rock and bring their A game is the best.

Come say hi in the comments or over on social media, the links are on my contact page. 

Nici x

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