Curve Fashion Festival 2017

I had been waiting months in anticipation of getting to Liverpool and being immersed in a hall full of stalls which featured things that would actually fit me, like-minded women (and men) from across the country and meeting some of my favourite fashion bloggers. I can tell you now, the day did not disappoint.
My outfit for CFF, Voodoo Vixen dress, Doctor Who bag, Primark Fluffy cardigan and my best accessory - my crutch!
There was a wide range of stalls, both showcasing their new ranges and giving access to buy new, beautiful clothes at discounted prices, I love a good discount. There were photo booth’s dotted around the event, my Mom and I had great fun taking advantage of these, with me on crutches it was fun to get a couple of memory shots in, posing without having to try and balance the crutches, the booths we’re really accessible. I loved the New Look one because you got 4 images in one go.
New Look photo booth picture
There was also celebrity appearances from the likes of Tess Holliday (I’ll admit, I fangirled a little and didn’t know what to say to Tess at her book signing but did get a selfie), Gemma Collins and Charlotte Crosby – there were photo opportunities with each which was exciting as there was sort of something for everyone. 
Meeting Tess was lovely!
Meeting people I speak to on Social Media was probably most exciting for me as this included some of my favourite bloggers. I even got to be in a photo in the paper with two of them which was quite exciting.
Photo that was in the paper of me, Lottie L'amour and Chloe from Chloe in Curve (their blogs were my inspo)
With New Look sponsoring the event this year their stall was the biggest, with a really great range of things to try and buy on the day, lots of autumnal colours and staple pieces for your wardrobe, I picked up a lovely striped shirt with some flower detailing in patches and a floaty dress (now in the sale!) in a silky soft material. The dress fits a treat, though it does show my bra a little, nothing a pin cannot fix or a vest top underneath and I look forward to styling it for Autumn and beyond. The shirt however is rather snug and I did size up so that’s slightly disappointing but I hope to style it out tucked into a nice Primark skirt I picked up (and haven’t braved it to wear yet) a couple of months ago.

Topsy Curvy dress on the Liverpool wheel
Another stall I loved this year was Lovedrobe: Topsy Curvy, they had lots of things which could be styled for Halloween on the stall including matching a skeleton t-shirt and leggings and Pumpkin print dress. I initially picked up a skull print top/dress which I fell in love with instantly, this was priced at £20 but £18 with discount on the day. After visiting lots of stalls I later returned for another of the Topsy Curvy dress/tops (it depends how short you like a dress) in black and white with skull print and a pattern – I bought this for my Mom too as we both loved it and she did carry all the bags on the day! Overall I was really impressed with the items on this stall and the prices were extremely reasonable aside for the more detailed items like the jacket of dreams I fell in love with and am yet to shell out for, but it is an investment piece so will be joining my wardrobe soon.

Glitter from Misguided 
Misguided were doing some promotional Festival Glitter for free for attendees which I took advantage of, this was a great way to attract people to check out the stall especially through word of mouth (or glitter on face). On the stall there was a couple of items I really liked, they had a couple of the t-shirts from the new Barbie range – my favourite being the “Bye Ken” one. They also had the Barbie denim jacket and the same jacket without the embellishment; I did find their sizing to be a little small though as the jacket didn’t quite fit. I think misguided are great for the basics but perhaps
not my favourite for sizing and the kind of quirky style I prefer. I do hope they extend their size range further eventually.

Doll Beauty had a pretty pink stall at CFF where they were applying lashes and you could buy sets to take home. I had my lashes done and they looked amazing, I was really impressed with how they were applied and how they stayed on perfectly all day and would have lasted another day had I not taken them off to go to bed. The mink lashes last up to 20 wears according to the packaging but I think if you look after them you may get more wears, at £10 a set the amount of wear is pretty incredible and I couldn’t recommend them more. The stall featured people from the ads actually applying lashes and they had their new highlighter product to show too. The only thing is I’ve had to find a good glue on the high street so I can put my mink lashes back on as they don’t come with glue as part of the pack, they’re very worth the price though and so soft and natural looking. I will definitely invest in another pair once I’ve worn these to their limit. Please ignore the glitter, they need cleaning and I use them to glam up constantly.

Doll Lashes in 'Kimberley'

Boohoo’s stall was pretty good, but I didn’t find anything that really drew me in clothes wise this time around, I do love the site though. They did have some fizz on the stall though and some really great goodie bags for attendees with a wide range of freebies.

Near the end of the day I spotted the Nicky Rocket’s stall and was drawn in by the evil queen t-shirt, which I purchased and rocked on Sunday with skinny jeans. The prices of the t-shirts were very reasonable and they are such a comfortable fit as well as being quite fun and quirky. They also had leggings on the stall but by this point I was so shopped out (and spent out too!). I honestly couldn’t rate the brand more especially for the inclusive sizing I can’t wait to obtain the trio of evil inspired t-shirts (below)

Nicky Rockets Villian Shirt designs (also available in hoodies)
The first stall I was drawn to at CFF was Lindy Bop, I own a couple of their dresses (and a couple of other dresses made in similar styles by Voodoo Vixen and Hell Bunny) and think the quality is always there and only improves over time with this company. There were some beautiful Autumn pieces and Halloween inspired pieces that will be coming to the site soon, I especially loved the Halloween style dress with the books on, it was such a quirky piece and something I’d wear all the time not just Autumn. If Halloween isn’t your thing there’s also a book print dress with a baking theme which is really sweet (no pun intended) and pretty. 
I loved the use of Autumn colours in the new season pieces, I was drawn to so many of the dresses that I think I’ll be very broke for the rest of this year. The only downfall of this amazing stall for me is that you could only preview items, there was no option to buy – I can guarantee Lindy Bop would have made a killing on me alone that day had we been able to pre-order or buy items.

There was plenty of other stalls at CFF and so much to explore that I was thoroughly entertained throughout the day and am still taking it all in, with fashion shows to watch, “how to” guides, book signings and places to rest/eat/drink there was always something to do and I really recommend getting tickets to go next year if you didn’t. 

The goodie bags on some stalls were fab (I loved Boohoo’s goodie bags with lashes, lippy, contour kits and highlight kits – they also had goodie bags for men with lip balm and Nip & Fab scrub) and the general atmosphere was so friendly and glamorous, it was great to meet so many plus size women with great body confidence and killer makeup. If you’re plus size and need a confidence boost CFF is definitely the place to be, with like-minded women and beautiful clothes to choose from as well as some excellent styling tips it felt like my idea of heaven.

This is my Mom and I in our elements at the festival, we had the best day!
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