I'm All Ears, Well You'd Think So After This Accessorize Haul!

Recently I was invited to attend Accessorize for an event where we were asked to do a Spring look and a look for our Mothers but mostly I was just facinated by all the bright Spring/Summer colours that are coming back, FINALLY some colour to add back into my wardrobe.
It feels like it's been such a long Winter, especially with this excessive snow fall in February/March, it may be freezing right now but I can't wait for Spring to begin!
This is me at the event - how cute is this gin cocktail and how well does it go with my hair?
Check out this cute little bag that's so very me, I almost added it to my collection but if it was a little bigger maybe! I can't go anywhere without a ton of things in my bag (small makeup bag, mirror, camera, phone, inhalers, keys, purse - the list is really ongoing, there may even be a kitchen sink there somewhere)
Tiger Bag - £27 on Accessorize (Image credit: Accessorize)

My favourite thing about this season is the the lilac tones and all the purple that I'm starting to see. My favourite colour is purple so this is most definitely my happy place, when asked to do a Spring look I went with these pieces:

I loved the feather earrings, they were a little quirky  and ever so soft and I paired them with the lilac sunnys for a nice matching touch, the suede clutch was very soft, the rainbow flecks added a bit of sparkle and flair, I teamed the scarf for the purple tones and I fell in love with the swirl earrings the moment I saw them - the fact they're sterling silver so I can wear them all the time and the quirky style gave me the feeling that I just needed them (plus I love the way the stone reflects colour so prettily).

We were also asked for the Mothers Day look, my Mom and I are loving the embroidered trend that you see all over the place right now, it's so pretty and adds a litle something special I think. This bag is a great addition to a nice outfit with a dress and shoes or even a chilled every day look - I like being able to take my bags from day to night as well as through different styles too. I paired it with this lovely soft scarf in store and a simple necklace with some pink tones running through. I think this works well as a Mom look - it's stylish, goes together well and is pefect for my Mom - she doesn't wear a ton of pink so this scarf will tie the bag and everything else together.

My Mothers Day gift look - pretty and simple

So after our challenges what did I actually pick up?

You may have guessed from the post title - earrings, earrings EARRINGS.

I'm one of these people who doesn't own a ton of earrings, they're usually my last thought when styling a look, my hair is nearly always covering my ears anyway - but this year that's going to change - I picked out some bold colours that I plan to rock and that will really stand out even if my hair is down.

This is the selection I picked out, they're all very dangly apart from the spirals I mentioned earlier (£15 but I fell in love, plus they're silver) - it's going to be fun styling these for the Spring/Summer.

I was attracted to the Green pair because they gave me real  Slytherin vibes - and I'm a Slytherin so I couldn't walk out of the shop without them, they are gorgeous and look great right now with my blue hair. I didn't join in on the tassel earrings trend at first but it's really grown on me and these bright colours really are quite exuisite. 

So given the Slytherin vibes I'll definitely be styling these with my Never Ending Story necklace and you can see why (bought at Comic Con a couple of years ago - similar available on Etsy) and a simple green and grey wrist band which I got from the Primark Harry Potter range (they come in sets of two).

The yellow pair also gave me serious Hufflepuff feels, I mean I'm a total Harry Potter nerd so seeing a little bit of magic in this world of ours and adding a little sparkle (or tassels in this case) is always a positive in my eyes.

I am loving that mustard yellow is back, it's one of my favourite Spring/Summer colours, I have my eye on a couple of gorgeous mustard bags over on Boohoo which would look great with these (Bucket Bag - which also comes in a gorgeous Slytherin green & Satchel Bag - which also has a tassel!)

With the mustard yellow pair I'd pair it with a nice bright orange NYX Liquid Suede lipstick for a real summer feel and use my Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly Pallete for a real contrast with my makeup and a stand out look.

Lipstick is NYX Liquid Suede in Orange County 
As previously mentioned I found these sterling silver swirl earrings early on in the evening and I just love them, they're really different to a lot of earrings I've seen in stores and the stone on them reflects the light so prettily.

As you can see from the image the refection of the stone in the earrings goes really well with the Nyx Liquid Suede in Amethyst, this is one of my favourite lipsticks, its a bright pop of colour on your lips and isn't too drying - also it doesn't have to be re-applied too often as its got some real staying power. There's also a great blue colour or I'd go real simple with a nude lip and my usual eyeliner flick.

This is how they look when in, I love them.
As I said earlier in the post, I am loving lilac, it's so feminine - I really liked the feather earrings earlier in my post but when it came to buying I chose this pair, I love how long they are, they look like they elongate my neck and can be worn so casually or for going out. 

I wore them the other day casually with a full face of Makeup Revolution (post coming soon), a long sleeved asda top and Elvi faux fur gillet, I love that they added a subtle pop of colour to my muted outfit, they went very well with the makeup I'd chosen for the day too.

Eyeshadow that goes so nicely with the earrings is Makeup Revolution I <3 surprice Unicorn Egg.
My look for International Women's Day was understated but feminine and I wore a crown - we're all queens.
So how would you style these new Earrings? I can't wait to pair them with more outfits and really give this earring thing a go, I've enjoyed wearing them recently and adding colour to outfits when I'm feeling like sticking with plain and simple black and white or making them a centre of my outfit and adding other accessories in the same/similar colours. Before I go though, how cute is this little guy below? When I walked into the shop I spotted it and knew it needed to be mine, I love the smiley little guy and it cheers me up to have something so adorable attached to my keys or my bag!

If only everything in life was as cute and non prickly as this cactus.
Have a great weekend lovelies!

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