Christmas Sparkle - Blogmas Prompt #12

Sparkle is definitely one of my favourite things about Christmas, whether its the pretty lights, the glint of the tree decorations or the party wear - sparkle is where its at for me this season!

Every year at Christmas time I put the tree up as soon as I can, I love the sparkle of the lights and the foil wrapping paper that comes in so many colours as well as the beautiful ornaments, I don't have a particular theme for my tree or decorations, I just pick up a couple of new pieces each year if I like them - this year I picked up Harry Potter baubles and my Mom even got me a beautiful Hogwarts bauble full of sparkle that Primark have been boasting this year. One of my favourite tree decorations is below though:

I've had this carousel for as long as I can remember, it was in my parents house when I was tiny and I have always loved it, I love the way it glistens in the light and it reminds me of very happy times in my life - it's nice to have the little things from Childhood at Christmas because I think we all feel a little childlike at this time of year. My favourite thing about this when I was growing up was definitely the tune it plays but I'll leave you guessing as to what that is.

Another thing this year we've been lucky to receive in the festive period is the sparkle of the snow, I'm very lucky that I bought snow boots in recent months that I love and wear often - which also happen to sparkle, they're covered in tiny silver stars and are one of my favourite things this season.  They are Sketchers by the way, they're kind of becoming my favourite shoe brand now - though I can no longer walk too far the comfort they provide for my chronic pain is immeasurable.

Now since I've mentioned a fashion element I wouldn't be a beauty blogger if I didn't bring the sparkle around to festive gift sets! This Too Faced lip set released for Christmas was like a dream, the pricing is reasonable given that you get four products and they make a great gift for any makeup lover - plus Too Faced is cruelty free which is always good to know!
I'm also loving this Peanut Butter and Jelly palette, it's quirky, smells great and does add that bit of sparkle but more on that in another post! It would definitely make a lovely Christmas gift though.
In the middle is my latest Urban Decay purchase, I have a small obsession with their make up especially their palettes but this is a new try for me - I think it could do with a little sparkly top layer though to make it fit better in the festive season. But Urban Decay have so many choices in these that it's just so hard to pick!
 A brand who definitely bring it when it comes to sparkle is NYX, their glitter pots are incredible - I went to my Christmas party recently and this fabulous glitter didn't shift all night. I blended it out with eye shadow from one of my new Makeup Revolution palettes and the compliments I received on my sparkle that I matched to my dress were quite flattering. I definitely recommend their glitters and the glue that goes with it, they're placed together on the stand in stores which is handy and should ideally be bought together. 
NYX glitter primer and glitters - they come in so many colours!

So that's my very mixed up post on festive sparkle, I wanted to include a bit of everything I love at this time of year so I hope it's done them all justice. 
Here's a little peek at my dress to go with the sparkle, and the very sparkly (Sketchers again, obviously) shoes I wore with it. (Dress is Scarlet and Jo, Hogwarts bag is Primark).

Merry 12th December lovelies! 

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