Urban Decay Vs NYX - Battle Of The Eyeliners

I recently did a huge Debenhams haul which included these two similar coloured eyeliners, it wasn't until I got home that I realised just how similar the colours were but a big difference in price and branding. With the NYX Vivid Brights eyeliner coming in at £5.50 and the Urban Decay Razor Sharp eyeliner at £17 does the stark difference in price have any affect on the quality?

They say don't judge a book by its cover but how pretty is that metallic casing on the Razor Sharp liner? It screams high end and more so tells me without having to see the logo that it's Urban Decay. The NYX casing is practical, the shape is similar but more plastic looking, but when comparing brands at two different price ranges what can we expect as buyers - and after all it's what's inside that matters. 

The brushes of both these liquid eyeliners are very similar but the consistencies are definitely different when applied. The NYX eyeliner I found feels quite thick when applied, I can feel it on my eyelid. The Urban Decay liner feels far more weightless which I find more comfortable but for the price of the NYX liner the thickness really isn't a problem. 
Top: Urban Decay Razor Sharp. Bottom: NYX Vivid Brights

There's a real difference in the feel of these eyeliners when on, the NYX eyeliner feels thick on  my lids and when doing touch ups it does come away, almost like chipping off which is a little disappointing but I'm sure in that thickness you may have the same issue with other liners and I'm the kind of girl who likes a 50's flick and thick line across the lid for drama. 
In the above photograph you can see the thickness of the NYX liner compared to the thinner layer of the Urban decay liner for the same effect. (Gold liner is NYX actually, one of my favourites)

The Razor Sharp eyeliner has more of a metallic finish rather than the Vivid Brights which is a matte finish, I do prefer the metallic finish personally but that's more due to personal style than quality of the eyeliner, but team the matte NYX liner with a glitter liner like I have for a more glammed up look. 
The big difference for me is definitely the durability of these eyeliners, after a few hours I found that the NYX one had cracked and would need to be fixed or re-applied whereas the Urban Decay liner had much more staying power.

Overall  I do really like both, they provide two different looks with the matte and metallic styles but the same kind of colour that I really like. 

I don't like having to re-apply often but am persevering with the NYX eyeliner and have also bought it in pink for a different, more romantic and less edgy look.  I do find with a setting spray over my eyelids it lasts longer and I do really like the colour because for Hazel eyes it really makes them stand out. 
NYX liquid liner, relatively easy to get the perfect flick even if it cracks after a while.

The Urban Decay liner is my superstar right now, I feel confident, it has the rock chick edge and the lines are pretty perfect when I use it. I can't wait to invest in more, but with these higher end brands they are definitely an investment which not everyone can afford. I will say it's definitely worth getting one of these liners in your favourite colour if not more because the quality is sublime, maybe just passing on the cheaper brands for a month or however long it takes to save.

When you think that you could buy 3 of the NYX branded liners for one of the Urban Decay ones which way do you sway? 
For me it will depend on whether its an every day liner or a weekend liner because just how we don't like to hit the pan in our shadows, its not nice running out of your £17 liner too fast when you're a girl on a budget. 

Honestly, its hard to compare things on different levels of the market in makeup because our expectations can't be entirely the same, you get what you pay for in most cases.

I love NYX, their Liquid Suede lipsticks are my favourite and they really bring it in their market, I own way too many lip colours, highlighter, their brow pomade is fab and you cannot complain at their prices. 

I feel like Urban  Decay and NYX are on par in their different levels of the market in the sense that they both bring that daring edge to the market that we don't always see enough of, they both encourage creativity and these liners definitely do what they should in their price ranges. 

All I can say is your makeup is what you decide, your creativity will make whatever you do completely fabulous. Wear your £5.50 liner with the same pride as you do with the £17 one and the confidence will ooze out of you. You've got my views, now do you.

(Oh, and Urban Decay wins the battle this time around for me, but who knows on another product? Brands can often surprise us.)

My winner, Urban Decay Razor Sharp doing its thing. FT one of the Smashbox Ombre lipsticks.

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