Adding A Pop of Colour to Animal Print

I put in a sale order with Yours Clothing recently, I'd been looking at this dress a lot and when it was put into the sale after Christmas I knew I needed it. I ordered it, along with these boots and another top. All of which came to around £50, which seems like a lot for 3 items but the boots alone were £44.99 originally and its hard to come by boots that are wide enough for plus size calves without paying the earth so to get all 3 items from Yours I was pretty pleased.

The dress is made from extremely comfortable material, draping down over my body and coming just below the knee. For reference I am 5'9. I picked the dress and boots to go together initially, and I'm really pleased with how the outfit turned out.

With the outfit being pretty simple I wanted to add a pop of colour, and knew my new Snag tights in burgundy were the perfect thing to do so. I've also paired this dress with ankle boots and black tights since and that also worked well but the colour tights is definitely my preference for this.
I'd have never posted a pic sat down a couple of years ago, I've come so far with my body acceptance/confidence.

Snag tights are tights designed with clothing size and height in mind, unlike other brands who don't design based on both. The design means that the 80 denier tights I picked up are far thicker on me than the counterparts I've bought in other stores, plus they come up to just under my bust which keeps me warm this winter as well as ensuring they don't fall down like every other pair i've ever owned.

Confession: I'm one of those girls that doesn't wear tights, I live in leggings if not jeans. But since trying Snag tights that has changed and I'm a total convert. I've never felt so comfortable in something that I always believed to be so restrictive. I honestly don't even notice I'm wearing them and have worn my selection of them multiple times recently.
This is by far one of my favourite outfits I own. It's comfortable, in style and very me. Admittedly, I need insoles in my boots but with Fibro feet and wedges I wouldn't expect any different, but as they are a wide fit boot it allows for the extra space needed to insert the insoles. Funilly enough, I have chunky calves but my feet aren't that wide which is a blessing when I need wide fit calve boots but also need insoles in them.

I felt so confident all day and this could definitely go day to night without modification and I'm all about the easy transition.

I planned to pair the outfit with a red lip to pair with the tights but honestly felt a little too EastEnders for me, so I went for the nude lip (Birthday Suit from Boohoo) but big Doll Beauty lashes and some simple eyeliner to emphasise my eyes instead. I might go for the red lip when I'm not sporting the burgundy tights too.

Do you love leopard or hate it? I'm a lover.

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