Testing Umberto Giannini - Is It Worth The Salon Price?

Recently I've been having some trouble with my hair, its been quite dry and frizzy - probably due to me dying my hair, but I also find in the changing weather sometimes my hair just needs a little more TLC. To try and tackle my hair issues I picked up the Umberto Giannini Smooth range on a deal at the time.

With Umberto Giannini products one of the things I like is that they are cruelty free - I am trying to change my habits with the products I buy, buying things that don't test on animals is a big part of that so these products being cruelty free made me happy.

We all know that this brand is massive, people everywhere have heard of their salons and hair care, but these products just stood out to me and I knew they would be good quality when buying so worth a little extra money and I wasn't wrong.

The packaging is so sleek, with opalescent lids and that lovely pale pink sheen. It looks high end, which I suppose it is really. You can often tell quality from the design.
The lids are a little bit of a downside for the shampoo and conditioner though, as there's no flip lid so accessibility is a bit limited. With the screw on lid, especially in the shape of these it can be quite slippy and I've dropped them in the shower a couple of times - they look great and I really like the design but they're not as practical as I'd like from products for use in the shower, I also loose a bit of products when trying to put the lids back on as its awkward to screw on in the shower with wet hands. I've since bought some travel bottle with flip up lids to make it easier - its just a shame to lose that nice brand packaging when doing that. 

Since using the Smooth Wash shampoo and Smooth Care conditioner my hair is more sleek, easier to style and feels lovely. It's so soft and feels like its in great condition despite my hair dye use. I'm really pleased with how the flyaway have been tamed.
My only issue is that my hair does get greasy quickly with this shampoo, but I don't think its down to the product - I have an oily scalp and every shampoo I've tried leaves me needing to wash my hair again pretty quickly, dry shampoo is definitely my friend!
I wouldn't change the product for this though as the benefits outweigh needing a little dry shampoo on the second day, just like I do with any shampoo really.

I've tried the Miracle Worker Smooth Serum a couple of times, my hair felt lovely with it - but I think the recommended amount of product is just too much for my hair. Reducing the amount I use from what the bottle says has worked a lot better for me and my hair looks great when the product is in but I wouldn't use it often as its quite oily so its not an every day thing for my hair.

My hair is naturally pretty straight but a bit frizzy these days, and we always want the opposite of what we have so I curl it a lot. The Weather Proof Finish works really well for me, keeping my hair in place and leaving it still feeling pretty natural and not too chemically - no stiff dryness as with most products like this. My hair does drop a little in the elements but the spray combats a ton of this and it leaves my hair feeling smooth, and it doesn't frizz. I need a product like this in my life as with my Fibromyalgia I don't temperature regulate, so defence against humidity and damp is a lifesaver. If you know, you know.

Would I buy the products again?

Yes, the shampoo and conditioner have become a regular part of my rotation, the bottles last ages and they've really helped improve my hair's condition and how it feels. The serum, I probably won't need to buy for quite a while as I don't use it all the time and its more of a 'treat' for my hair. The Weather Proof Finish has been great, you don't need to use much but I'll definitely need another can soon and for me its worth the investment.

Have you tried any Umberto Giannini products? What did you think?

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