Here's Hoping for a Chaffree Summer (AD)

With Summer coming, and now here I was given the opportunity to try out the Chaffree Knickerboxers (gifted - therefore this blog post is an AD - the dress I am wearing was also gifted last year by Love4All) and give them a real test drive - which I have now done. So what did I think?
Wearing a gifted Love4All dress, and gifted Chaffree knickerboxers (I had no obligation to post the dress)

I first tried Chaffree out on cooler days, walking round a car show and a general day doing the usual things and the first thing I noticed was the comfort, I felt like I wasn't wearing anything underneath my dresses - but in a good way not a thighs burning because I have underwear only on haha. I found Chaffree to be like a second skin, a silky smooth feeling unlike any I've felt before.
As you can see with this dress, you cant notice them as the waistband isn't easily visible and I don't think it shows through on my legs either.

I am that pale the blush pink almost matches my skin tone.

I have also trialled them during this heatwave, to give a fair test in all weathers.
I wore them to walk round the holiday park, near the beach and after having a swim in the pool and they really do live up to their name. I didn't chafe once!
After swimming and towelling off they were still really easy to get on too so that was a welcome bonus, this was just after popping them back on post swimming.

Chaffree is a game changer as far as I'm concerned, the COOLMAX material keeps me from feeling sweaty in the heat, and is the material is super stretchy so you can have them sit wherever you're comfortable with on your body.  I wear them at my waist, and can get them as far as under my bra too - depending on what I'm wearing and how I'm feeling. They come in different waist and leg lengths, I am wearing the 'full' option with the long leg length as I am tall. This style is perfect for me and I will be ordering more when I have the money.

Chaffree are an investment at £19 a pair in the style I've chosen, but they can be bought in multi packs to save money and are definitely worth that investment.

I've tried the cheaper anti chafing shorts, from high street brands and they just don't cut it - as a plus size person I can always feel that they're there and they're not the coolest in the summer, with the Chaffree ones I've found that's not the case so its an outstanding yes from me.

What are your summer staples? Anti chafing shorts are definitely at the top of my list!

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