Keeping Warm Outside This Winter

As someone who is unfortunately on public transport this Winter (and every Winter until I pass my driving test - 3rd time lucky eh?) I am always in need of a good coat to keep me warm but I don't just want to settle for one of those puffy things that have no style about them, you can't adjust it in any way and I always end up overheating once I get on the bus or the train.

This year I've been struggling through the ever growing cold weather in a leather jacket and thick cardigans or jumpers underneath but it just doesn't quite cut it when we hit November and the nights are really drawing in so my coat search began. With help from social media and the babes I follow I spotted that Simply Be have really upped their game this winter and obtained my coat of dreams from ASOS while browsing.

When they say a good coat is an investment, I now completely understand what they mean. I always shied away from getting a good coat because I couldn't afford the expense but honestly this has shown me that the lack of lunches out and other little things I could afford to cut back on for a month wasn't a hardship in comparison to the previous winters where I've shivered my way home and taken at least an hour to get warm once I'm in.

Its not only that this Simply Be coat is warm but the style of it that drew me in. As an avid lover of my trusty (faux) leather jacket I really like the leather look style this has, it adds that bit of edge that I need in a coat for it to feel "me".
The faux fur cuffs keep my wrists warm and block cold air from going up the sleeves on blustery days, the hood has a fluffy edge which can be removed and a faux fur inside that will keep you warm as well as dry in a downpour.
I like that the bottom of the coat is adjustable with the attached elastic toggles and that these also run through the waist so you can make this fit in the way that you feel comfortable. The material is somewhat stretchy so its easy to get a jumper underneath or any extra layers, I did size up as I usually do with Simply Be but the sizing has improved somewhat with this brand though I would generally advise sizing up in coats to get those extra Winter layers we all love underneath.

I've tried and tested this every day for a couple of weeks now in different weather's and even bonfire night, standing outside all night to gaze at the glorious fireworks was a great experience especially given that I was so warm in my coat with my pale pink fluffy cardigan underneath and my Topsy Curvy dress teamed with leggings and Sketchers fluffy lined boots. 

Pale pink cardigan to add a little feminine touch to the rock chick look, Police Box bag because I'm a big old nerd. This is my favourite kind of combo.

I couldn't recommend this coat more, it does what it's supposed to do, it fits in with my style, its versatile so can be worn to work and to events this party season if you like edge to your outfits. 
If you're on public transport like me its fab for not making you overheat, given that I can't control my temperature well due to Fibromyalgia the fact that it doesn't overheat me but still keeps we warm fills me with so much joy. It looks great for a layered look and doesn't add too much excess material to an outfit which many plus size coats can do, if you need a coat this season, this is definitely worth the expense.
Impromptu photo while shopping, I love this layered look with this coat - I'm happy layers are in this season.
Coat: Simply Be on ASOS
Scarf: Plaid blanket scarf
Jeggings: Matalan
Boat shoes: Sketchers (amazing for chronic pain sufferers)
Checked longline shirt: Summer stock, Yours Clothing
Frilly socks: Primark

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