Looking after my skin with Lush (Little Lush Haul)

I'll admit at the beginning of this post I'm a bit of a Lushie, I was converted last year. I love the companies ethics and the smell of the shop is heavenly, but even from our favourite brands we all have things we don't like and get on with.

I recently purchased the new 1000 Millihelens jelly face mask and the Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub because in the cold weather my skin gets dry along with my lips and I get break outs. Its not pretty and it doesn't make me feel good, but what does make me feel good are remedies to combat this.

I love the simple, as little waste as possible packaging of Lush
1000 Millihelens is green in colour and it has a jelly texture as explained on the packaging. When in the shop I was instructed to pinch a small amount from the tub and warm it in my hand to make it easier to apply.
Before and After, literally a couple of pinches of mask and loads left.
There were a few different kinds of the mask designed for different skin types, I picked up 1000 Millihelens because its good for combination skin and I have an oily T zone area but fairly dry cheeks and chin. I applied the mask and kept it on for about an hour while I was pottering around the house then washed it off in the shower.
My Princess Fiona look ft. my Doctor Who tee
The mask doesn't look all that even when on,  but this could be the way I applied it, I made sure to cover all of my face and kept it on as long as I could, it helps that the mask smells really good with the scent of apple coming through .With such natural ingredients I felt no danger in keeping the mask on for a longer time than stated but am sure the recommended 10 minutes is just fine. I like to call this look my Princess Fiona look, though I don't think she would rock the pink hair with it. I washed this off with water in the shower and my skin instantly felt softer.

I gave it a few days after my trial without full makeup to make sure I got the desired effects of the mask so to give you a honest review and not clog my skin back up with makeup. I can confirm my acne seems to be fading a great deal, I think this is thanks to the witch hazel in the mask and my skin does appear generally brighter. This is definitely a mask I'll be revisiting and with plenty left I'm sure it will last me a while.  One thing I particularly liked about this mask was that it didn't feel tight on my skin and I could still drink and talk comfortably, as you'll have found out I'm a bit of a chatterbox so this was a real benefit for me.
To the left is my face just after washing the mask off, I feel like this is an instant improvement on my usual no make up face, my skin looks smoother and brighter (to me anyway, but I see myself on a Monday morning at 7am before caffeine and that's not pretty) and I'm feeling good about going makeup free.

You'll have to excuse my roots, but I'm sure many of you girls have been there, my hair's back in its all pink glory again now. The above photo also shows my newly scrubbed lips as well as clean skin. I've really taken to Lush's Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub which retails at £5.95 for a glass pot, there are also other scrubs that aren't as holiday themed but I loved the scent of this and the colour drew me in.

Sugar Plum Fairy smells as sweet and tastes as good as it sounds, the scrub is a mixture of caster sugar and natural oils so the sweetness comes from the best of places, my favourite part is that you can lick it off once you're done. I like that you can feel safe with Lush products to be able to do this. The oils can be clearly seen below, they help with moving the scrub around your lips and moisturising at the same time.

You can see the oils in the test on my finger and the glittery sheen of the scrub
I've used this a few times since buying and still can't get over the smell. The scrub does leave my lips feeling soft and I apply a balm afterwards to retain this, the only downside I'd say is that in the cold weather I don't find that my lips are staying soft for long afterwards but alas the cold weather is also punishing my hands with little cuts due to brittleness. I'd like to use this product long term to work out if it really does what it says on the tin but am liking the positive results so far. In my opinion it's just a shame this scent is limited until Christmas then it's gone so get it while stocks last if you love a sweet, pretty scrub that leaves your lips kissable.

Overall I'm happy with my products, the face mask being my favourite that I can't wait to keep using, what are your opinions on Lush products and what should I try next?

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