Christmas Stocking Fillers With The Body Shop

This year I'm all about the stocking filler gifts, I love watching people open presents and when there's lots of little things there's more surprises for people to unveil and not everything has to cost a fortune to bring a little joy this Christmas. Now we all know that The Body Shop isn't known for it's little prices and stocking filler gifts but I wanted to offer some little ideas to still get that cruelty free brand and fab quality in your stockings without shelling out all your money in one store.

(Family and friend's if you're reading this stop here - SPOILERS)

One of the first shops I checked out this season was The Body Shop, I mean if the smell doesn't draw you in maybe the little things below might.

So, it's Winter, that means chapped lips, staying in the warm as much as possible and the odd night out because party season with no parties just wouldn't be right (for me anyway). For me these little lip balms are the perfect stocking fillers; they're inexpensive, the chapped lips of this season are nobodies favourite look so this combats that, they come in multiple scents and are currently on 3 for two so they're a bargain. 
Plus with that 'The Body Shop' label you know you're getting quality. Another benefit is that everything is cruelty free so they're great teeny bits to add to the stocking for friends and family and still feel like you're doing something positive.
I love these little beauties, they're perfect to fit in the side pocket of your handbag.
Another quite inexpensive buy is these little bath bombs, there's a few different scents in them, they're small but give off a really lovely scent. I don't have a bath in my house so I don't get the luxury of bath bombs but I love getting things like this for others who do have baths because it's like giving the gift of relaxation. With the low price you could easily get one of each for the bath lover you know and maybe even get a big old Lush bath bomb and make a little basket of bath stuff up, its slightly more personal that way.

My 3rd Body Shop steal (not literally) is these little festive soaps, I think they're really sweet, they smell wonderful and adding one of these to a gift bag will make it smell great and it's an alternative to the traditional Christmas gift sets if you buy lots of mini things and add them together. I'm trying to tailor my mini stocking fillers to the person I have in mind and add those cute things that people don't always think to get themselves this season because they're on present hunting too. 

Name the soaps here
Now this technically doesn't count as a stocking filler with its price, but I just love the tin they're in. It's my final The Body Shop buy; this lip shaped tin was £15 and includes 3 liquid lipsticks in shades I couldn't resist. For the make up lover in your life this is a great set to get them through the beginning of 2018. 

For this set The Body Shop teamed up with House Of Holland and that's where the quirky designs have come from, I just love it. I'm not sure what I would keep in it but it's definitely something to keep - maybe make up or little hair grips, clips and bobbles which we all leave lying around could live in the tin. 

That nude colour is my go to colour for every day lips, the pink is a little fun and flirty maybe for date night and the purple makes me think party. All set for every occasion.

The Body Shop also had another thing I've been loving which is a robot money box with some really nice products inside, it's disappeared off the UK site but keep a look out in stores. It's definitely not a stocking filler but it's one of the coolest thing's I've seen this year. My child like inner self got very excited when I saw it! I just need that hippy robot in my life, maybe one treat for me? No no no... Keep going.

These are all little things I've been buying to add little things into stockings and gift bags just to add something more to them and I'm such a girly girl at heart. The Body Shop have also got some amazing gift sets right now but I'm all for making my own gift sets up with products from lots of shops and generally thrifting my way through Christmas - the gift set isn't always cheaper and sometimes people only lust after that one product from a brand and have a real variety in what they like - this year I am trying to cater to a variety of tastes.

My own taste always has a little bit of an influence when I'm buying gifts, like everyone and I've been walking round shops wearing metaphorical blinkers recently, Christmas is the hardest time of year for my will power. Wish me luck in the coming weeks! 

(Post on other stocking fillers coming soon!)

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