My Naughty List This Christmas - Brum Blogmas Prompt #8

This Christmas there isn't so much on my naughty list because I'm trying to really appreciate what I do have and how much I've learned and gained this year and focus more on the positives, my life has changed dramatically in so many ways. But there are a couple of things I'd like to mention:

Invisible disabilities

I mean it's not the disability in particular that's on my naughty list (mine is sometimes when it's really bad) but its the way society reacts and the people around you. I'm in my 20's and I look like anyone else (bar the pink hair possibly, not everyone is into that) but I suffer with Fibromyalgia among other conditions and when I sit in a disabled seat on the bus I get the looks that say I don't belong but some days even walking is tough, never mind the chronic pain and fatigue. I wish we could change the way people see disability, I've seen change in some people I know because they know how my life has changed and they understand that we can't actually judge a book by its cover now. I hope to see further change in workplaces and our society over time.

Make up companies not doing Christmas gift sets

When a makeup company doesn't release something special at Christmas time it makes my little heart sad. I have a massive love for beauty products and want all things Christmas, even if I can't afford them (which most of the time I cant but do love to lust after them and hope for the sales). I love festive make up sets as they're just so pretty!

The constantly increasing prices of plus size clothing

Its not just that the prices keep on increasing (Hello Yours - I love ya but ouch) but its when brands produce a piece of clothing in their straight size range and their plus and there's a huge price discrepancy - this just makes my blood boil. We as women deserve reasonable prices for the clothes we frankly need on our backs in this bitter cold (its snowing as I write this) no matter what shape or size we are. We also deserve to look and feel good about what we are wearing, so big up the smaller companies like Nicky Rockets doing it the right way, catering to all at great prices - they are definitely on my nice list this year with their Villains tee's that I scooped up before they were all gone!

That's all I've got on my public naughty list this year, there's probably a couple of things I won't mention here but I'll think them, after all this time of year is all about keeping the mystery and magic alive! 

Merry 8th December!

This was my view on the way home tonight, I told you about the snow! Onesie time!

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