Is Friction Free Shaving possible? (Unpaid Ad)

I'll admit, throughout the winter I head for layers and think sod the tights and all the leg shaving crap, but I think this is more to do with the hassle of shaving, I usually buy disposable razors when I pop into Savers or Superdrug and they're blunt by the time I've done my legs so it all seems a bit of faff really. I waste so much money on cheap razors that I thought FFS will do the job far easier and better.

What I like about FFS is that the razors are sent straight to you, there's no hassle around going to the shops repeatedly and if you're like me (Fibro fog) always forgetting to pick something up - though its often because I'm distracted  by the hair dye section.

Friction Free Shaving provided me a box full of shaving goodies (their packaging of this was presented really well) which included a pre shave scrub, a shave cream and a post shave balm as well as the gorgeous rose gold handle, 4 razor heads, the blade cover and a shower holder so I was all set in one go with nothing forgotten.

Anyway, packaging and presentation is all well and good but how about the product quality? I used the scrub first, it made my skin a little softer, it smells heavenly and you don't need too much of the product to do the job - whether this benefits the overall experience of shaving I'm not sure but it smells great! I do prefer my usual scrub over this if I'm honest with you but that's just personal preference. 
The shave cream isn't what I've come to expect of shaving creams -  it wasn't foamy but smooth and felt pleasant - this is definitely my favourite product in the box, the smell was heavenly like the scrub, it really helped with the razor gliding along my legs and you don't need that much to cover a wider area so it goes far - I like my products to be worth while and long lasting so this was definitely a win.
The post shave balm was very moisturising but due to my use of usual moisturiser its not perhaps a product I'd buy with this because I love my usual pump moisturiser that's on the shelf in the bathroom and the pump makes it far easier. It also smells really good though as the above two products and definitely worth a buy if you can't get out easily or want the full works.
The three parts to the shaving process with FFS

Now down to the nitty gritty, is friction free shaving possible?

I've used this razor multiple times and it's been spot on. I have found that the hair doesn't seem to grow back as quickly as it does with cheap disposable razors, I haven't once cut my leg while shaving (which for me is a total miracle as I have the shakes), my legs feel smooth, my underarms too - and both are soothed by the use of shea butter and coconut oil in the products.

Overall I'm impressed with the razor and receiving four heads (one a week) is really handy - the metal handle is great as it provides a good weight in your hand as well as a shape that fits to your hand well and it looks nice hanging up in the shower.
I think for me this has provided that friction free experience that we all want with shaving, its encouraged me to get shaving my legs in the winter because they feel far smoother than with any other razor I've tried and I'm feeling positive about getting my legs out.

For me these two are the stars of the show!

I'll definitely be subscribing and as a disabled person I'm so excited for products like this where if people can't always get out they can still get things like quality razors even if it's just to shave your arm pits - but to those of you who don't shave though, you go girl!

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