Holler and Glow - Stone Coal Sober Sheet Mask - A Primark Buy

Recently I've been going through a bit of a tough time and so my skin has decided that breaking out would be a real cherry on top of a perfect week so I thought I'd try and tone the redness and breakouts back down to a normal level with this Holler and Glow 'Stone Coal Sober' sheet mask from Primark. 
£3 sheet mask - budget friendly!
At £3 this sheet mask is a pretty reasonable price for what it says it offers; it's a 'clarifying' mask which is said to 'Wash away your sins', powered by Charcoal, Tomato Extract, and Black Mulberry Extract - as I opened the packet it smelled really fruity which I wasn't expecting, the mask felt cold and as I unfolded it the smell only increased, I placed the mask on my face, it's small nicks on the edges make it easier to fit better to any face which is good.  Once on I could feel the bubbling of the mask as well as hear it but it didn't foam up as much as I initially thought it would which I was a little disappointed about but for the price bracket this is no biggie. The bubbles tingled my face, especially the 'problem' areas which are a little sore and inflamed at the moment - hoping this is a good sign that it works its magic! 

You can see the slight foaming here and the resting b*tch face I can't help but have
With charcoal as a key ingredient in this mask, I was very optimistic when buying as I've heard great things about charcoal for the skin in recent months and I have been saving this for when my skin really needed it. I also liked the idea of 'washing away' my 'sins' because it has a nice catch and given my low mood it has certainly lifted a little of my spirits - sometimes all you need is a little TLC. 

When I removed the mask it seemed far drier than when applied and my skin seems to have absorbed a lot of the contents, my skin was slightly damp but not extremely. My skins feels almost dewy after removal of the mask and all my blemishes seem to be quite red but I think that's the mask doing its job of removing the impurities. My skin felt clean as I removed the mask which seems really positive, I'm giving my skin a short break from make up so to give the mask a chance to work. 

This is my face after removing the mask, the acne, as you can see, is a little more prominent but my skin looks and felt clean.

A week later after trying this mask my acne has reduced and the redness has almost gone, my skin feels good but still needs moisture so I've been using my Soap and Glory Speed Plump All-Day Super Moisture Marvel (£13 from Boots) moisturizer on my cheeks, chin and nose but only a very light layer to my forehead as this can be oily. I then use my Soap and Glory Bright & Pearly Radiance Boosting Cocktail (£14 also from Boots) which gives my face a bit of light and is a great pre-primer for makeup that adds a nice glow to my skin. These products aren't cheap but they definitely do great things for me.
No foundation, just my skin as is a week after the Holler and Glow mask
As you can see the acne on my forehead is greatly reduced above, in the below photographs I am wearing no foundation and concealer only under my eyes due to the under eye bags I get with my Fibro. I am wearing Brit Rocks Vintage lashes (Savers £1.99), Elf liquid eyeliner from Superdrug (£3 and fab!), Elf Molten Liquid Eyeshadow in Brushed Copper also  Superdrug (£5 and a lovely shimmer), brows are filled in with a Rimmell eyebrow pencil (old stock now) and my lips are a combination of Makeup Revolution Life On The Dance Floor VIP lipstick in Exclusive (£3) and No7 Gloss Shine (no longer on sale but I recommend their glosses for durability!)

I love this minimal look and my skin feels great having days where I take a break from foundation now. Adding lashes adds a bit of extra wow for me where I haven't got my mega highlight and full blush on the go.

I definitely am happy with the Stone Coal Sober Sheet Mask and would use it again, I feel like my skin has had such improvement from it and has been less oily in the last week. I'm happy with how this has improved my skin somewhat and helped reduce the acne flare up I've been having. I wouldn't use it all the time as I feel in taking some of the oil away it may cause some harm to be used too often but as a monthly or bi monthly buy I'll definitely be picking it up again!

Have you tried any face masks you like recently?

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