Mermaids Don't Have Thigh Gaps - A Jumper I LOVE

This January seems bitterly cold, colder than I remember it usually being at this time of year so I've been shopping jumpers that will get me through the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring - warm enough to wear a light jacket and cool enough to not feel like I'm going to burn up when I step inside a building.

This season we've seen many slogan jumpers floating around but nothing spoke to me quite like this 'Mermaids Don't Have Thigh Gaps' number from Topsy Curvy. The brand is known for their body positive outlook and the women behind it are plus size (which is always a bonus in a plus size brand) and want to have a bit of fun with fashion - and so do I. I picked this jumper up for £19 over on Lovedrobe and I haven't looked back, well apart from the internal debate on whether to get the 'Hangry' one too before or after payday.

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The jumpers are available in Khaki, Grey, and Black, knowing how I wanted to style this before I even ordered it I picked out the black option so I could pair it with a khaki camo jacket and make it really stand out.
Jumper styled with a Yours Clothing camouflage jacket
I chose two looks that I thought could work with this, a more dressed up style with my black embroidered trousers (Yours Clothing) and embroidered boots (these are now gone from the site but I love these that are in the New Look sale that could add a little sparkle to the outfit). I'd wear this out on a night if I was heading to a bar or out for something to eat - maybe not quite clubbing though, it would be just a little too hot!
Khaki bag added to go with the green in the boots, camo jacket and trousers.

New Look boots - slightly dirty from the shoot, sorry!
Primark bag in khaki - £12 in store

The other outfit I put together with the jumper was the ripped jeans below, which have also gone off the site - a good alternative on New Look Curves which are a great price right now. Topsy Curvy have also got their own jeans on sale too but aren't as similar to those I've paired the Mermaids jumper with - Topsy Curvy Distressed Jeans. I chose some flat slip ons with a Hogwarts Logo which I got from Primark and thought the backpack was a nice pairing, also Primark. This outfit works well for a casual vibe and is really comfortable as an all day thing.

Harry Potter bag and shoes, personal favourites (to match the sheets of course)
These photographs were taken during intermittent snow and trying to catch just the right moment so we weren't blinded by sun or stuck in a blizzard, it was kind of the perfect weather to truly test the warmth of this jumper and it came out good, I wasn't cold, I was comfortable and the slogan rocks. I most definitely think I'm a mermaid, maybe that's why I dye my hair too, all those mermaids have pretty bright hair, look at Ariel.

My dedication - you can see little specs of snow in this one!
I did size up two sizes when I ordered this jumper, as I like things like this relatively baggy and comfortable to lounge around is as well as go about day to day life, it's a good job I did size up because I did find this piece came up small in comparison to some of my other Topsy Curvy buys (it is stretchy though, I just prefer things to fit a bit more loosly for comfort), this was also a little shorter than I'd usually like in a jumper but I'm rocking it - if you're going to wear a slogan jumper you have to wear it with some confidence and a bit of an I don't care attitude so it being a bit shorter than my usual choices is a non issue.

Clothing like this Mermaids Don't Have Thigh Gaps jumper is really taking a step forward for body positivity and body confidence for plus size women, because we are here, it is ok for us to love ourselves as we are and don't let anybody tell you otherwise. We are all beautiful in our own way's even when we are 'Hangry' too. I can't wait to see what Topsy Curvy have to show us next because they are certainly in my good books for standing up for offering us plus size girls some badass jumpers to show that we can have a little fun with fashion even when everything in this world is so serious.

The jumpers are currently available at £19 which I think is a steal in plus size fashion when we're facing far higher prices for anything printed by another brand right now, but no worries the quality is still there even with the lower price bracket.

Shop the jumper here in black on the Lovedrobe site, you'll also find the khaki and grey versions too as a selection choice when you click the link. I may just pick up the Khaki soon too but I do also have my eye on the 'I Woke Up  Like This' jumper, grab them while they're on offer, and even if they aren't who doesn't need another jumper? If you live in the UK winter is long, and it'll be coming again in no time too.

Are there any slogan jumpers or t-shirts you've got your eye on? Let me know in the comments.

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