Budget Facial Cleansing Without the Consequences - Lacura Charcoal Facial Wipes

Lacura is the beauty department in Aldi stores, it offers reasonably priced items which are generally pretty good quality. I am extremely partial to their dry shampoo, it's cheap, does the job and I think it's even better than Batiste. This stuff comes in very handy for someone with chronic pain!

But this post isn't about their dry shampoo; its their new wipes that are now on offer in stores. The Charcoal Facial Wipes are said to have 'Deep Cleansing Action' and contain witch hazel which is great for the skin anyway so  I'm feeling ready to give this new product a try.

So face cleansing wipes get a bad rap, but hear me out. And if you don't like them - Aldi are also offering their own brand Charcoal Micellar Water now, at a fraction of the cost of some of those big brands.

With a face full of make-up I removed one of the black (yes, black) wipes from the packet and started to remove my foundation and eyebrow product,  the downside to the black wipes is not being able to see what's on the wipe clearly but a major upside I found was that the wipe seemed to really cleanse my face - once I'd given my skin a thorough wipe over my face felt extremely clean and looked spotless of makeup. The wipes were perhaps not as damp as I would like usually but they definitely did the job they were intended for.

With the usual face wipes I find there's often a residue of makeup left on the skin which causes break outs as well as not letting your skin actually breathe, with these wipes I've found there's little to no residue left and my skin feels good not just looks clean and the witch hazel in them should actually help towards calming the breakouts too - with my skin that's always a plus point.

The pack is smaller than I'd perhaps like it to be, and the wipe size I would prefer bigger too but the product itself is in my good books so far.

I used the wipes on the run up to the event I am dressed for and my skin is looking good
 A week later and I'm still feeling the benefits of these wipes, my skin feels clean after use and its definitely had a positive effect on the blemishes I often experience too. For a budget friendly brand with a few great products on the market it seems that they are just adding to their collection with more skin friendly products with every new release.

A week later and my skin is glowing (that may also be the highlighter!)
I am very happy with these wipes and will definitely be buying again, for me they are easy to use and leave my skin clean when I can't always cleanse my face in the shower - as someone with chronic pain this is a great alternative on days when you can't always stick to your cleansing routine and they seem to be doing good things for my skin too rather than a lot of facial wipes. Why not give Lacura Charcoal Facial Wipes a go?

The facial wipes are available in store only but there's some product info in the link above.

Edit - a month later I'm still liking these wipes and need to get myself another pack from the shop, I do need to note though that when showering  and able to I use Freederm facial wash which also helps towards keeping my skin clear and clean. I'd still definitely like another pack of the wipes and rate them against others I've tried that don't leave my skin feeling as clean.

Anything unusual you've tried in beauty recently? Let me know the comments.

Feeling confident with my skin at an event.
Photographed by Sarah from Rainbows and Roses blog. 

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