Full Face of Makeup Revolution - A Review

From my social accounts you may know that I'm a big fan of Makeup Revolution, some products have taken me a little more getting used to than others but for the most part I love their makeup so I thought I'd do a full face of it (well, almost) and try out a few of the new and themed products in the process.

My first go to was of course to prime and prep my face - then I used the Makeup Revolution Fast Base foundation, applying it by tapping with a damp beauty blender. The foundation blends out well and gives a nice even coverage and I quite like the dewy finish it gives. With the foundation I also use the Conceal and Define concealer, I'm really happy with how this works for me. I have quite dark circles at times and this completely covers without going into fine lines too much - as with the foundation I blended it out with a beauty blender. Next I applied the Blushing Hearts blusher with the large blusher brush across my cheeks and used the highlight/contour brush (from E.l.f) to apply highlighter to my cheek bones and my cupids bow. The foundation has definitely become my go to for a daytime look now and I use this highlight and concealer daily, I'm a big fan of this blusher as it is great for my skin tone and the highlight is a lovely golden shimmer. 
My every day base - Revolution Fast Base F3, Concealer in c2 & c3 and my trusty Kat Von D powder (I ran out of Revolutions powder and need to replenish my stock for every day looks)
In a previous post I talked about Brow Revolution - which at the time I had some mixed feelings about, my feelings are still somewhat mixed but I do like the staying power that this product has and have brought it into my routine until I can get hold of the new brow product (that's looking like a dupe of Maybelline's Brow Tattoo). 

Right now I'm really liking the metallic lip kits that are on offer by Revolution, I picked up this one because I really liked the shade and thought it would be a good every day look that's not too out there but still gives a bit of sparkle to my look. This shade is probably my current favourite in the range but I'd love to try out some more (I've recently picked up the Unicorn shade and am loving this also)

The Revolution lip kits are also currently sold at £6 which I think is great value so I definitely will be picking more up (I already have a few), I like getting a lip liner that matches with my lipstick - sometimes it's hard to find a good match when you buy separately.

I prime my eyes using the Focus and Fix eye primer. This works well enough, I prefer the consistency of this one to another of revolutions that I've tried. This is a lot like putting concealer on your eyelids but it does the job and is a reasonable price too. If I do want a more firm hold or a longer lasting look I often use Nyx glitter primer as its stickier texture helps for longevity. 

Of course last but not least there's the Surprise Egg highlight and eyeshadow palettes, the moment I saw these released I knew I needed the purple one (called Unicorn) because I'm a huge fan of purple eyeshadow - with hazel eyes I think this is the colour that best makes them stand out and I was excited to try a quirky new Easter themed product. My excitement wasn't wrong, the palette is small, egg shaped as you can see and perfect to pop in your handbag, the colours are really nice and I like using them because there's 5 different shades in there so you can create a really pretty look and use the highlighter in the corner of your eye for a bit of extra brightening. I think these are also really good value and a great little idea selling them towards Easter. I look forward to what Revolution have up next for the next holiday we have.

For this post I wanted to show you what a full face of these products really looked like, so here you are, two unedited photographs of the makeup look that I achieved. I think it turned out really well and am really pleased with the rollout of products that we have been given recently by Makeup Revolution - of course there will always be those products I'm still pretty undecided on like Brow Revolution but what works for me doesn't always work for others and I'll link the post below so you can have a read if you missed it. 

As you can see, for one of the more budget brands this full face look turned out pretty well (well I think so anyway), the eyeshadow has a nice decent pigment and I really like how it blended out well as you can see. This was my look for International Women's Day so I'm living my best life and wearing a butterfly crown.

I can't wait to see what Revolution Pro will be like and will be putting in my order shortly, I am in need of a good 'going out/evening' foundation and lipsticks are always going to be going in my basket for new launches.

So what do you think of the Surprise Eggs? Are you Egg-cited? (Okay, bad joke)
Happy Easter all!

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*** My eyeliner is E.l.f cosmetics liquid liner and my mascaras is Too Faced Better Than Sex, my setting powder is Kat Von D, it comes from her 'Lock It' Mini Baking Duo but I often use Revolutions own, it entirely depends on what I have to hand at the time. The brushes and beauty blender used to apply makeup are all different brands I've collected over time - sorry my beauty blender is stained if you've got this far, I need a new one! This post is all my own thoughts and is not sponsored by any brand.

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