What I'm Loving From Lovedrobe

Recently I went to Tea with Topsy, it was a really great event with lots of kinds of tea, cake, flowing bubbly and great company, we were given the exciting chance to preview upcoming lines for Lovedrobe, the best goodie bags and it was all in all a great day in Manchester.

There were some really beautiful pieces there to look at and I thought I'd share a few of my favourites with you, some have now been released and some are coming soon. If I've seen this has been released I've linked it below.

This pale blue top is a very pretty piece for Spring/Summer, the colour really caught my eye because it just looks so dainty and the style gives off such a feminine feel - I can't wait to pick this up when released. I've always had a bit of a self conscious streak where tops like this are concerned but I'm going to go for it and see how it turns out - improving my body confidence is key this year.

This jumper/top is really great for now the weather is starting to brighten up a little as it's not too thick to pair with a denim/leather jacket and jeans and still be warm, I like the simple design on the front but the sleeves add a little extra that caught my eye - It's not quite cold shoulder more like maybe cold elbow so a little different to other styles we've seen a lot of. 
This Fleur T-shirt was probably the first thing to catch my eye when I walked into the event, the simple pretty design was quite refreshing for plus size fashion and I've ordered mine off the website and am waiting for it to arrive. I don't own that many casual T-shirt's but am trying to build up a little collection this year and I can't wait to style this with jeans and a denim jacket (yes, double denim).
This dress definitely spoke to me, I could style it up nice with my embroidered heeled boots and some classy jewellery or grunge it down like in my teenage years with my Doc Martens and a bit of geek chic. I feel like this could work for so many different styles and who doesn't need a LBD in their wardrobe?
I tried this blazer on at the event, I would (as I usually do) size up in this kind of thing just to have that extra room to move around in it and I like the oversized look with jackets like this. Today I've been pondering on just how I'm going to style this one since I own a lot of patterned clothes but think it would really look great with the above dress for a smart night on the town look. The material is really soft and comfortable and I really like this style that we haven't seen much of in plus size clothing up until now.

Along with the Fleur T-shirt there was also this quirky 'GIRLS' tassel T-shirt, I really like this - I am a big fan of the current tassel earring trend and very happy to see them on clothes now too. I feel like this is a piece we would see in any straight sized store so it's nice to have the option for us larger ladies too. I tend to wear a fair bit of black so haven't picked this one up just yet but it's definitely on my list.

I saw this blouse on the website and sometimes it's just nice to see things in person, I liked the feel of the material, the crossover is tasteful and doesn't reveal everything, the colour was that lovely pale blue I talked about above and it would make great work wear or casual with jeans. I also like the wildflower pattern, it's not one you see on everything.

There was also a selection of bags that have now arrived online, my favourite was this one (available in three different colours - white, yellow and turquoise) in these 'Call Me' bags, I love how playful they are, they scream summer and they're a good size to fit lots in. These will be good for those pub garden nights this summer as well as clubbing - there's plenty of space in them to fit everything you'll need.

There were so many beautiful pieces that are coming soon or out now but I thought I'd share just a few of my favourites. There are also a couple of skater skirts that have been released which are a really good length (they do cover your bum) which I'm looking forward to try. Especially the red check which would look fab with the 'GIRLS' T tucked in.

Is there anything on your list from Lovedrobe right now? Keep your eyes peeled for new releases as they keep on coming.

My Look for Tea With Topsy:
For the event I wore this Yours Clothing striped top, this year I'm pushing my own fashion boundaries a little because rules are made to be broken and stripes were always on the list of things I don't really like but I love this top, it's very comfortable, is in the more reasonable priced bracket of Yours' clothing and is quite eye catching. I thought what better to pair this with than these very pretty striped shoes, at a reasonable £9 you can't go wrong - though they are very flat. My jeans are Topsy Curvy and still on the site currently, I love the embellishments on these, especially as they're only on the front so it doesn't make them uncomfortable. They also keep their shape well throughout the day so that's a bonus! All links below lovelies.
How pretty are these? I like the details of the band with the bow across.
Embelished Pearl Jeans (Topsy Curvy) 
Necklace: Harry Potter - from the studio tour London.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if there's anything you like head over to Lovedrobe's website and use the code BLOGGER10 for a discount at the checkout.

And now it's time fore a cup of tea. I wish I could have taken this home with me though!

***This post is not sponsored by Lovedrobe or Topsy Curvy, all views are my own and I just wanted to share a few things that I liked from the event with you.

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