Kiko Lipstick Haul - I Do Love A Sale

If you know me, you'll know that I love a good lipstick - in fact I have two drawers for lipsticks in my makeup storage (one is for liquid and one for ordinary lipsticks) and I'm forever adding more to my collection. Whenever Kiko have a sale on and I'm in the city I just can't resit. I'm yet to buy a Kiko lipstick that I don't like whatsoever.

When I bought these I was optimistic, as I always am with Kiko, three of these are limited edition lipsticks which I wanted to review despite the fact they're gone now just to show quality over a range of different collections.

On this post I'm pushing myself out of my comfort zone a little, I tend to go for matte lipsticks for the most part because I like the way it looks but they are drying my lips out like crazy so introducing some more non-matte styles and colours in can only be good for my lips!

So lipstick one that I picked up is this lovely purple in the Candy Split range on a whim of a 'why not it might work' - I really like the texture of this lipstick it feels very moisturising and the colour was definitely interesting. With the colour of my hair I think this has too much of a grey tone for me to use right now but when I go back blonde or brighter I think this will be a great shade to wear but its a little darker than a lot of colours I go for.

As you can see it is definitely in matching with this hair colour
Lipstick two that I picked up is one of the other Candy Split lipsticks in this beautiful bright and vibrant candy pink, I fell in love with this colour when I picked it out because it was so different from my usual nude colours or red that I tend to go for most.

I'd like to take a moment here to mention the casing - the casing despite being plastic has more of a luxury feel with the gold writing and tube. I'm all for things that look nice as well as feel nice to wear and pop out of your bag when you need to re-apply. 

However much I fell in love with this colour in store and when I swatched it on my hand I just can't love it in practice. I feel like it doesn't suit my lip colour and it's too pale for me. I have a naturally pale skin tone and I took a leap when I bought this and it's just a leap that didn't quite work out. Despite this I cannot fault the feel of the lipstick on my lips and the quality of the product, this time around the colour just wasn't for me.

It's a no from me on this one!
The third lipstick in my haul is this metallic Into The Dark liquid lipstick, this bronze colour and the pretty packaging was definitely a draw for me. This lipstick created a beautiful effect, but in comparison to the last one I tried any colour would have been a step up for me. The metallic sheen is bold and very pigmented, you certainly know it's there and I love it. There aren't that many chances for me to rock this in an every day look but it's certainly one for when I want to make an impact.
What I like in particular is that this colour goes well with my eyes, setting them off and even making it look like there's a bit more colour to my cheeks too. This is probably my favourite of the bunch, the only negative I would give is that this is quite a drying formula but with a good lip balm applied underneath before lipstick application it was fine. 

Number four is this crayon gloss in number 06, I own a couple of other Kiko crayon glosses so wanted to expand my collection - I'm sure I owned this colour once upon a time but as women we lose lipsticks unfortunately. This gives a nice sheen that's understated and is good for an any day look. I like that I could put this on with a simple eye or a dramatic one and it will look good either way. I think this will probably be my go to 'work gloss' that stays in my handbag because it's simple to apply - it's easy to use as a liner first then fill in your lip. 
In a stark contrast to the last pink colour on this post it's more of a natural colour but with a bit of sparkle and I think it suits my skin tone far more!
Last but by no means least is number 5 in the haul, another of the pencil lip glosses - this time in shade 02. This shade is more of a mocha colour but not highly pigmented so it's more subtle and goes nicely with my pale skin tone.
As with the other gloss crayon it has a soft, comfortable feel that makes my lips feel moisturised. I really like these lip gloss crayons and will probably end up with the whole collection as I like what I've used so far.

Overall I liked the lipsticks/glosses that I picked up, and with one in five being not to my taste I can't say that's bad, especially as their was no fault with the quality. I'm pretty pleased with this haul and can't wait to see further releases from Kiko especially as their price range is so reasonable. 

Is there a Kiko item that you love? Or just a lipstick you love in general? Let me know in the comments.

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Full face is:

Elf Cosmetics Liquid eyeliner
Makeup Revolution Fast Base foundation (too light a shade I now realise)
Makeup Revolution Concealer - Shade C2
Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly palette for my eyes
Blusher is I Heart Revolution
Lipstick in this final shot - Kiko Pencil Lipgloss in shade 02

This one's a little candid I took while lowering the camera - I end up with so many photos like this while shooting makeup looks.

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