To Be Or Not To Be, Striped Trousers - Are They For Me?

I'm the kind of girl who is usually in jeans/jeggings/leggings, I don't often wear trousers because for the most part I never really felt comfortable in them and another part of me also thought that they never suited me but I think a lot of that was down to being at school and the hideous uniforms you are made to wear with uncomfortable black trousers and ill fitting blazers. I took to wearing blazers for interviews and even nights out a few years ago but it's taken me a long time to get to a point where I wanted to try trousers out again, then I found these in New Look.

 The material of these trousers is not like those I always detested, they're comfortable, great for summer and give me a little bit of confidence when wearing them. I usually tend to go for more of as skinny fit in anything on my legs so these were something different from my normal in that sense too, as I talked about not hiding away in my last post - these trousers are definitely not meant for hiding - I exist in skinny jeans just as much as I do in these trousers, I am the same size - just portraying a different look and that's ok.

The trend for striped trousers never really caught on with me to begin with because of the above but when I put these on I really liked them from the off. I've actually been embracing stripes a lot lately and bought these trousers and two striped tops - I'm trying to push away from those fashion boundaries of what us chubby girls aren't 'allowed' to wear far more throughout this year, pushing my own boundaries as well as societies and it's actually been pretty freeing so far.
My first outing in these new trousers was to see Accessorize's new range and play some games with the Brum Bloggers group, the whole evening was fab, I felt comfortable and confident and ready to take on any challenge. The shop was really warm so I was pretty thankful for these trousers which kept me somewhat cool (though my cardigan choice was just too warm!), there were some really lovely new bits in store and I picked up some new accessories including some mint green earrings, a floral clip to wear to a friends wedding and I even managed to win one of the nights styling challenges - picking up this beautiful little lilac shimmer bag that I've had my eye on in store.
My winning image - all items from Accessorize, I really like their pieces right now.
I decided to style the trousers with this Amour top from Yours Clothing as I'm loving the current trend of slogan prints, the t-shirt is super comfortable and I've worn it quite a few times now, it's one of Yours' cheaper items retailing at £14.99 and I'm definitely getting the wear out of it. I thought I may as well go all out and add a couple of extra stripes to the outfit and I think it worked out nicely. I also styled it with a pair of gold loafers that I got from Tesco's F&F a year ago - though these weren't my best idea, every time I've worn them they've made my feet sore unlike the silver pair I wear a lot in the summer which have always been comfortable and were in the same range! How we suffer for fashion sometimes (I won't be wearing them again though) but they went with the gold in my t-shirt so I'll forgive the shoes this time.  
The trousers would look great with a plain top too, I have my eye on a couple of mustard ones right now to style them with and I just got a very shiny pair of sliders which will be a go to in the summer heat as they're a little more padded than many of the pairs I own (well, those few days we get here in the UK)
I bought this t-shirt first before the trousers and initially styled them with a pair of jeggings, this t-shirt is really versatile, comfortable and I was really pleased with the price too. With jeggings I think this gives a more casual fun vibe with a pair of boots and my faux fur coat, and with the striped trousers it's more dressed up and a great day to night outfit.
I love a good pattern clash - the boots and coat do this well I feel.
What do you think of the striped trousers trend? 

Trying not to laugh while being photographed with an audience isn't always easy!

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