My Little Yellow Dress from George at Asda

Since my teen years George at Asda has been a go to for wardrobe staples, I mean I even got my school uniform from the ladies section in there because I couldn't get the 'kids' ones to button over my bust as well as their leggings being the best ones I could get for years, I was thinner then but George are still in the game with serving up clothes up to a size 24. Their clothes are often nicely sized and I like their pretty prints and that there's a good turn over in stock so you don't see the same things every time you go in - though sometimes I wish they'd keep things I find I love a little longer. 

That leads me on to this dress, I picked this up a couple of weeks ago just before we got that beautiful sunny weather and I couldn't have been more glad for it when it brightened up. Though even on the dullest days this dress brings a little sunshine and happiness.
I picked this up in my usual size, the material is great for summer because it's nice and light but can be layered up for a warmer look with a cardigan/jacket. Due to the length on me I probably wouldn't wear it with tights as I'm more 'new born deer' than graceful ballerina. I love the bright mustard colour and am happy it's back in fashion, bright colours kind of call to me - though I think that's because I spent a lot of my teenage years sulking in black with lots and lots of eyeliner.
I thought a visit to a tree with some blossom would offset the pretty blossom on the dress and I was pretty pleased at how well it actually worked out with this look. I added my brown Harry Potter satchel to the outfit because I love this kind of tan and mustard together, it's very classic. I also went for a semi classic combo with a pair of loafers but you know me, there has to at least be some sparkle to things so silver it was. Adding a bit of sparkle to my feet definitely compensated for the lack of jewellery, I wanted the dress to do most of the talking in this look but still have some quirky accessories. 
What I like with Asda is that when they make an item it almost always goes up to the size 24 range, so the bright summer colours that we so often see in straight sized ranges actually come across in this range for some of us plus size babes. I'm under no illusion that in stopping at a 24 it's not a full plus range but it's definitely a start and in giving us the same as the straight sizes it's a lot more than what some other brands are doing right now! I'd love to see more brands successfully size up their main range items because they could have my cash all day, maybe time will tell on that one.

I've had a bit of a rough time with my body image over the years, like many of us have and my opinion can fluctuate from time to time just like anyone else but being able to get the same kind of clothes I want to as straight size people is a really positive thing for body image for me. I feel included in some way, though of course putting your own spin on things is my way to go. I wouldn't have always been as comfortable in a bright yellow dress, and my inner emo kid/rock chick is probably screaming at the brightness but I'm done hiding away to make people who don't like my body happy, I'm going to live my best life and not let others judgement stop me from wearing things and colours that I love - fashion is meant to be fun, expressive and make you happy. I like the sunshine that a yellow dress brings on a dreary day and I'm not hiding from anyone anymore. Learning to love my body and in turn love myself is an ever challenging road but it's one that I'm definitely ready to walk.
Sometimes material clings in the 'wrong' places and my comfort levels dip a little but that again is partly society and partly self confidence too, but its my body, it's gotten me this far and despite my disability I am learning to love it more and more each day. My disability is a part of me but it doesn't define me completely and neither does my weight so I don't let either take away my confidence or my style. Some days I have to alter things a little to suit my pain levels but I still like to do things my way, with my own little quirks like my nerdy bag's or a stand out piece of jewellery even in the more comfortable outfits (see my Instagram feed for that).

So this summer I'm embracing bold colours and bright prints, I'm exploring things I wouldn't have worn before, trying new things and enjoying plus size fashion. My outfit of the day is often up on my Instagram to show what I'm wearing even when it doesn't get it's own post here. 

I'm now hoping to see more for me to update my wardrobe to capacity and encourage the sunshine to keep on coming.

Is there anything bold you've got your eye on for this summer? 

The blossom is my favourite part about this time of year
Cardigan: Primark
Leggings: Pep & Co (£3 a pair)
Shoes: F&F clothing at Tesco (last year)
Harry Potter Satchel Bag: Primark (£12)

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