Maxi Dress Trying To Impress - Yours Clothing Dress.

You know how it is when you've got a wedding to go to, if you're anything like me you spend hours scouring the internet for the perfect dress and when you find it you know it's perfect.

This happened for me, except the dress I planned on had sold out in my size on my much loved Lindy Bop. Given the wedding was getting close I decided to go high street and aim for something that I thought would be comfortable to enjoy the evening and also look good for any photographs.

I tried this on in my usual size in Yours and it was a little small so I ordered online and paid for quick delivery, it arrived on time and I tried it on - it felt a little more snug than I expected for the size and the material of it had no give really but thought it looked quite nice in the mirror.
I couldn't pass up posing with a TARDIS though!
Anyway, I decided to wear it and go with my head held high. The wedding was so stunning and the bride looked lovely I have to say. It was one of those weddings with so much personal thought that had gone into it, and it was just truly beautiful.

I first noticed that I was uncomfortable when I sat down in the car on the way to the venue, it was far more snug when sat down and due to having no give it clung to everything I didn't really want it to. For a maxi dress with an empire line I thought it would flow far more than it did.

The detailing at the top of the dress is lovely, the beading is very pretty and delicate but the neckline did plunge a little low and I had to pin it so not to show my bra to the rest of the wedding guests, the pattern reminded me of a very boho style and I really liked it for that but the comfort was the real let down.
All night i spent the time feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, I didn't feel like me because it wasn't a style that I usually go for either and I just didn't feel too great. It shows how much a piece of clothing can affect you sometimes. I still enjoyed my night at the wedding but did feel self conscious and not quite myself.

To style this dress I decided to pair it with my Sketchers toe post sandals for that extra boho feel, plus they're super comfortable due to the memory foam. I also picked out a floral hair clip from Accessorize and paired the dress with this old Primark kimono. I think the nice soft pink of the kimono went well and it covered up some of the tightness of the dress around my bottom and hips.

I styled the dress with my recently won Accessorize bag for a bit of sparkle
I wouldn't recommend this dress if you like any stretch and give in clothing or if you're uncomfortable with the cling. When stood

up I felt ok but given my disability and the logistics of it I couldn't have stood up all night. I don't think it's the best piece I've had from Yours and it's a shame.

Unfortunately this dress was just a no from me, it stood in when my original dress let me down but it's not something I'll be keeping for future wear, which is a real shame at the price of it! Yours Clothing isn't the cheapest.

For the wedding I wore Revolution Pro foundation, used the I Heart Revolution Parental Advisory Explicit Content palette for my eyes, New Look Ultra Volume lashes, the Doucce Luscious Lip Stain in Steaming Red (it's pink, not red) and all my usual highlight and brow products. My necklace was borrowed from my Mom.

Have you ever bought that last minute dress for an event when plans fell through?

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