Learning To Love My Smile With Denplan

For quite a few years I plain refused to smile with my teeth showing, I just really didn't like my teeth or the way I look when I smile. Over the past few months I've been trying to get past this and when I saw that Denplan were doing 'smile kits' I thought why not give it a try? It can't make me feel less confident about my teeth.

When my parcel arrived I was very pleasantly surprised, the kit included dental floss, a listerine mouthwash that's perfectly handbag sized, disclosure tablets and Benefit Lolli Balm. Also included in my package was an Oral B toothbrush and some Sensodyne toothpaste, two things that really come in handy in the dental area!

The smile kit has this lovely little bag with my name on which I think was such a cute personal touch to the whole thing and I'm really looking forward to popping that in my handbag.

Changing my tooth paste to Sensodyne is helping with my sensitivity (which means more ice cream right!?) and changing from a manual toothbrush to an electric one has taken some getting used to but it's turned out great so far.

Recently with blogging I've been trying to get more comfortable with my smile, my full smile because its such a big part of the process, the posing and smiling and really showing yourself enjoying what you do (which I do, immensely) that I think this kit really helps. As a beauty blogger I never realised just how many photographs I'd be taking but wow it's a lot and I'm starting to love the little photoshoots a great deal.

When I was younger I was really uncomfortable being in front of a camera, I had low self esteem and didn't love myself for who I was. It influenced a lot in my life, I studied photography because I liked being behind the lens and photographing others and making them feel good and have a little fun.
It's only the last year or so that I've gotten to like having my photograph taken, to learn to pose is still something I'm working on, getting used to my smile has been a challenge but I'm getting there too. We all have those little niggles, it's natural and it's ok - but taking time to love yourself is really important if and when you can.

See? Still learning to pose well!
These days I'm in front of a camera more often than I used to be, smiling, laughing and generally enjoying yourself is a part of life and feeling good about your smile really helps. I received some advice from a dentist via Denplan for this post, it's encouraged me to get back to the dentist and really look after my teeth more, both for self love and to get my smile to the best it can be. Having my little kit is a start to an even better smile though! 

One of the things in the little kit I love the most, I'll have to admit is the Lolli Balm, I tend to get dry lips really easily due to a lot of matte lipstick and probably not scrubbing them often enough so this has been a great addition to my handbag every day, because of the tint my lips still look good even when being moisturised. 

So, I'm learning to love my smile just like I'm learning to love other things about myself. I love bold eye makeup and I love my tiny eyes so I'm always emphasising those, I love my coloured hair (even though it needs a touch up!) but a winning smile is definitely where it's at. 

What's your one big hang up and how are you trying to change your perception of it?

*Disclosure: the items in this post were gifted to me but the post is all my own and my opinions honest.

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