Sailor Girl Vibes From Yours and I'm All Aboard

With our summer so far a scorcher I had to find myself some cooler clothes, I've never been one to go out much in the summer time because quite frankly I'm usually working but with temperatures in the late 20's even at work I'm feeling the sun bearing down on me.

In Birmingham we don't really have many plus size stores, for such a big city we are limited for where we buy clothes on the high street and sometimes you just don't want to order online - so at these times I head to a little shopping centre in Redditch, where we have a New Look with a Curve section, and Yours Clothing as well as Primark all in one relatively small place. I know Primark isn't a choice for everyone in the plus community but I love their PJ's, shoes, accessories etc as well as the odd bit of clothing I can pick up - plus with them extending sizing I'm super excited.

On this trip to the Kingfisher I visited Yours and picked up this little striped dress, as you may know I never used to like wearing stripes - society doesn't like girls like me in stripes and that made me believe I didn't look ok either. But the truth is, I love this dress - and stripes are becoming a regular part of my wardrobe now because I'm embracing myself, embracing feeling good no matter what my dress size is.
This dress is made of a comfortable jersey fabric with a stretch waistband, The waistband is great for that bit of give you may need throughout the day and brings the dress in at the waist which is a nice touch and a really good design feature to give some shape to the dress.

Wearing this is the ultimate in comfort, I haven't found many summer dresses that are as cool to wear or such a great length for me. At 5'9 I like that it's long enough in the body to be able wear my anti chafing shorts as well as wear it with longer leggings when its cooler and it still look good.

I also kind of love the sailor girl vibes the navy dress with white stripes has and loved wearing it around Brighton. While in Brighton I picked up this Dalmation bag in Primark for £12, and thought the stripes would tie nicely together, I also picked up these Minnie Mouse shoes which were too cute to leave in the shop- they were under £10 and are really comfortable for everyday wear. All together I tried to build a cute outfit with a nod to Disney and tie it together with the colours and the stripes. It probably won't be for everyone - but I'm a girl who lives in pattern clash, Disney and all different odds and ends.

Awkward is my vibe, with a bit of Disney geek thrown in.

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