Worcester Stands Tall, The Giraffes Tower Up

From looking at someone there's a lot you can't actually tell about them, because our looks are only a small part of us as people - so I thought I'd let you in on something about myself. It's not huge (I mean, it's tall though...) but I love giraffes, I have since I was really young.

For my 21st Birthday my Mom bought me three wooden giraffes that go from tall to small, to symbolise the one that I obsessed over in Turkey as a child and to remind me of happy times too. They take pride of place in my living room, as they should. 

So when my Mom heard about the Worcester Stands Tall art trail we had to go. This Summer in Worcester there are baby giraffes (calves) and large giraffes scattered around the town, with different styles and unique spins on them created by artists and local schools all in aid of St Richard's Hospice - once the Tower (the collective for a group of giraffes) has been viewed by the masses and the trail is over they are to be actioned off to raise money for the hospice - a great cause and they're a sight to behold, I'd own one if I only could.
I took a day off the day job to head to Worcester and explore - this having been the first time I've been to Worcester, what I can say is - it was like a maze to me. Being used to Birmingham, Bromsgrove and Redditch it's a world apart from them all but I think that was part of the adventure. We parked up and began our day - I don't want to give too much away as I really think you should find the beauties yourself but we started in the shopping centre.
Van Raff
Throughout the day we found a number of creative and unique giraffes, unfortunately though we didn't find them all because they're far and wide and I just can't walk that far with my Fibromyalgia. The ones we did find though were amazing, so much work and dedication went into them and I'm so pleased I got to experience them in their 'habitats' around the town.
This reminded me of Bananas in Pyjamas and that made me pretty happy
My favourite that we found was probably this mosaic creation - it's stunning. It must have taken a very long time to prepare, lots of planning and a very patient artist. Whoever picks this up at auction will be a very lucky owner. Combining unicorns and giraffes is pretty perfect to me, what more could I want?
How majestic and magical is this?
I'd highly recommend going to Worcester before the end of the exhibit and if you can't make it before then there's the farewell event from the 4th-7th October before the auction. It's worth the trip, it supports creatives, schools, and a great cause too. There's also lots of other things going on in Worcester over the Summer which you'll find over on the Worcester Stands Tall site as well as the app for finding all the giraffes before they disappear from the streets.

A special thanks to my Mom for the day out & for always remembering the things I love.

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