Primark Goes Plus Size - Well, Extended

Primark and plus size, for years Primark have only stocked up to a 20, serving for the most part girls who shop in a multitude of clothing stores on the high street. Then recently they extended to a 22-24 which they're calling a 2XL in their new sizing. They've also extended their size range downwards, make of that what you will.

Firstly, I'm hoping this is the beginning of further size extensions for plus size babes who can't yet fit into Primark's affordable clothing. Secondly, though Primark is still affordable I am noticing a difference in pricing these days on their items - it used to be the go to cheap shop but it's not anywhere near as cheap as it used to be. The quality has improved a little though so its sort of worth it.
A little hint at what's to come further in the post.
As a plus size woman it's difficult to justify the prices we pay at times for new clothing. With market leaders getting more and more pricey some of us are getting priced out on certain items. Unfortunately plus size clothing only goes up and up in price despite the clothing size ranges staying the same and often the quality not being as good as it once was.

But with Primark you know what you're getting - fashion that is on trend, cheap enough and a reasonable quality. Something I do struggle with in some other stores is getting things when they come into fashion - we often have to wait a while for plus to catch up so its nice to be able to pick pieces up a little earlier and stay on trend and in style at the time.

I recently visited the Redditch and Merry Hill Primark's which are local enough to me, Merry Hill is currently still being worked on though after the extension so a little chaotic!

I picked up these Tartan trousers for £10, my inner rock chick was very excited about these. Tartan being back on trend is perfect for Autumn style and these can be styled up or down in so many ways.
For a night out I'd put them with a black top, leather jacket and a statement piece of jewellery - going with the rock chick vibes and style them up with black heeled ankle boots or styled down with my Doc Martens for a night in a rock bar. For day time I'd put this with the green jumper I picked up, a long necklace and my Skechers boat shoes for a nice smart casual look.
One casual outfit look, the cap is from Fox Soup, boat shoes are Skechers
Dressed up with New Look heeled boots and my leather jacket

Styled down with Primark dupes of Vans trainers - this faux leather jacket is everything.
In keeping with the tartan trend I also picked up a red, long sleeved tartan top. I picked this up from one of the folded piles you find on the tables. These pieces tend to be some of the cheaper ranges but also the ones that have got the extended sizing running already. The top is made from a slightly stretchy, comfortable material. It's nice and bright and I'll wear it often this Autumn. Red is one of my favourite colours to wear all year round but this is so perfect for this season. Note - after wearing, the sleeves are more like 3/4 on me, as are the sleeves on the green jumper in the flatlay.

I keep looking for coats in a similar pattern to this but to no avail currently - I tell a lie, I found one on ASOS but it's £80 and my little heart is sad about that. Primark do have beautiful tartan coats but not currently in their extended sizes by the look of it which is a shame. Hopefully the extended sizes will reach everything in their ranges at some point.

I also picked up this striped top with a pocket, it was pretty cheap - is extremely comfortable and stretchy. When Autumn comes I love the pops of mustard that we see everywhere so I would team this with my mustard scarf and simple black ripped jeans (New Look - old but similar here). Also to add another pop of colour these black and white Cheshire Cat Vans make this the perfect casual outfit. These Vans are one of my favourites as despite being just a pair of shoes, they were bought for me by someone special and I save them for the right days.
Speaking of mustard pops of colour, I also picked up this jumper in Primark on a separate trip and it is the cosiest piece of knitwear I own. The jumper was under £15, it's lovely and thick and I love the chunky knit. The sizing is comfortable but I would like to see some longer pieces of knitwear in the larger sizes in store soon as many of the sweatshirts have been extended outwards but not in length and this jumper I'd love in a longer length. Since picking this up its become a wardrobe staple for me and I really like wearing it with the tartan trousers and other patterned trousers.

The one thing I will say for the Primark sizing is that the extended sizing is not storewide on all their clothing. The coat I mentioned above was beautiful but sadly did not come in the extended sizing, so alas it was not meant to be. The current limitation on the sizing is a little disappointing for me as a plus size customer but I do hope in the future the sizing goes through all their ranges. 

In store there seems to also be a discrepancy in the stock, with a lot the XS and 2XS sizes on the rails but very few of the larger sizes, as with the XL previously there always seems to be a lot less of the larger sizes - or more demand and less stock provided. I've always been frustrated with this and do think a more proportionate amount of the larger sizes needs to be sent to stores and on the shop floor. If the larger sizes are there and selling quicker I think that says a lot about us needing more stock for plus size women. Primark you're giving us what many other high street retailers are neglecting in sizing - please improve the quantities of them now for women like me.

Here's hoping for the future of Primark and plus size. 

Have you picked anything up in the extended sizing yet?

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