Not Just A Size, A Day With Team Topsy

Not so long ago I had the pleasure of  being invited to model for Topsy Curvy for their new campaign #NotJustASize. I've been supporting and championing Topsy Curvy for a few years now, with their affordable plus size clothing its no wonder why. A year ago they became an independent company again and they have been working hard.

On the day before the shoot I headed up to Manchester to get settled in for the night and went to a little meet up with some of the girls from Team Topsy on Facebook, then headed for an early night to be fresh faced the next day.
The shoot day was full of lots of plus size babes who had travelled to Manchester to model for the Topsy website and lots of fun. I let my inner drama queen out for a few shots and wore a slouch dress that is very me.

I also met some influencers/bloggers that I admire including Lindsay - she's such a breath of fresh air online and one of the most genuine people I've met from this internet world. You can find her Instagram here.

Its always so nice to meet the people you know online, another I loved meeting was Danielle, we met through the Topsy group and she has been so supportive of my blog. She's the sweetest woman with an incredibly kind heart and came to the shoot with gifts for those of us she knew. She bought me these amazing Black Heart Creatives earrings with my blog name on and I was nearly in tears before we even started taking photos. You can find her on Instagram here.

Seeing Jo and Nat again was lovely as always - they're so hilarious and such strong businesswomen.
Having strong women in your life, even the outskirts of it is so important.

We shot Halloween content, Christmas and lots of things in between. I loved this Halloween tee so much that I picked it up after the shoot - though I won't be reserving it for just the spooky time of year. I also picked up another Halloween tee that I saw on the day with a Disney theme.

So, the campaign, #NotJustASize focuses on showing lots of different women (and men) of different sizes and abilities in Topsy Curvy's clothes - showing that we are not just a size, that size doesn't matter - style, personality, humour, kindness - who YOU are is what matters and if you can wear banging clothes while being yourself - even better.

After the shoot we headed for some food and I got so know some of the girls a little more, what a lovely bunch from Team Topsy.

This post is not an ad, but uses the photographs of me from the photo shoot.

So thanks Topsy for a fabulous day, big love to you both. 

We are #NotJustASize

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