A Different Take On Leopard Print From Boohoo

I've had my eye on this Boohoo dress for a little while, I kept coming back to it on the website but something kept stopping me buying it. Until I saw a discount on site anyway!

In this vibrant dress I sized up as Boohoo sizing isn't always my friend and I'm glad I did as I have big hips and I don't think the dress would have fitted as well otherwise, the chest area was a bit oversized on me though because of sizing up - nothing a pin or a stitch cant fix - it showed a lot of my bra without.

What I loved about this is the pattern, I'm a massive fan of leopard print but I like that this is a bit of a twist on the usual styles we see and its nice and colourful - I can't wait to wear it through the Autumn and add a bit of colour to these duller days - I think it would be good paired with some nude tights to keep warm and maybe even a fluffy gilet to add a bit of warmth as the material is quite thin - but its breathable so that's always good.

I love this time of year for pairing boots with dresses, I have a couple of staple pairs of boots that I love and I'm always in need of more. These sock boots were from Primark and are actually surprisingly comfortable, as they're glittery they add the subtle bit of sparkle to the outfit (I can't resist my sparkle!) without too much because I think the dress speaks for itself, I'm all in on a different take on leopard print from Boohoo.

Recently Boohoo are on their game, and I am here for it! I can't wait to see what they bring to Curve Fashion Festival this year. Keep an eye out for some other bits from my haul!

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