Harry Fay, Plus Size Rings and All The Bling

With being plus size I couldn't always find jewellery that fits me, it's hard to get larger rings when your hands are not only big already but also chubby. With many companies not selling rings past a certain size, and even when they do -they aren't the pretty, sparkly kind what's a girl who loves all things that glitter to do?

Harry Fay, Plus Size Rings and All The Bling, the scoop: 

That's where Harry Fay comes in, this jeweller was discovered by my Mom at Christmas time. The company have a wide selection of plus size rings that are sparkly and stunning and my collection is ever growing. The thing I like with Harry Fay is that you can shop by ring size, knowing straight away if something is going to fit you and leaving out the disappointment.

Harry Fay started with a family, all with different talents and it melded together to create the company you'll see today. I love that its a company catering to plus size people that started small, and has retained its impeccable standards. I also like that they thought about those of us who can't just shop anywhere, they picked up a niche in the market and are running with it.

On the site you can pick up something simple, a statement piece or something in between and there's a great range to choose from starting at £33. This may seem an expense for a ring but I'd highly recommend the quality of the jewellery - the pieces I own are flawless and beautiful. A ring from Harry Fay is an investment you will not regret.

The three rings I own are this delicate pink knot ring, this pretty blue flower like ring and this 20's inspired masterpiece. They are all sterling silver. I received the pink ring first and have had it for quite a while now. It's still in perfect condition, the band has no apparent wear and the stones still sparkle the same as the first day. My blue stoned ring I received for my birthday last year and I fell in love straight away, the band is lovely and just the right width and the stones are beautiful. My 20's style ring was a lovely surprise one day when my Mom picked me up from home - its so simple but so unique looking and I just love it.

I'm really impressed with Harry Fay each and every time, their service and the quality of their jewellery is unquestionable. Next time you are on the look out for a gift for a plus size pal, a perfect engagement ring or a little prezzie to yourself - don't hesitate to visit their site.

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