A Jewel In Her Crown, Emma L'Amour London

After following Lottie and Emma L'amour for years I was so excited that they launched a business selling jewellery a while back, and when Emma branched out to create Emma L'amour London I was thrilled, and it truly is a jewel in her crown.
With so many hand stamped and beautiful creations (including necklaces, bracelets and earrings) it really is hard to pick just what you want to buy but I became really fond of the bangles, and when I had a little more money I knew where it was going to be spent.

I think its so important to support independent creators and businesses where we can because their businesses have so much heart and mean so much, and you know each creation is made with love. Sometimes its just nice to put money in the pockets of the little people rather than big corporations, and if Etsy Made Local the last couple of years taught me anything it was definitely that. I loved meeting all the creators there and putting a face behind their work is really quite heart warming - that's why I love Emma's jewellery so much, you know who is making it, she's a lovely person with the most brilliant fiance too and she has a genuine love and talent for what she does.

When I ordered my bangle I was facing a difficult transition in my life that I wasn't sure how I would cope with, so I bought this as a reminder to keep on going, keep being myself and not let the ba**ards get me down. It served as a reminder that I can do anything, and how far I have come - especially with my mental health in the last year. I needed to remind myself to 'Always wear my invisible crown' and be the bad-ass queen I know I am.
Honestly, it has helped having the reminder on my wrist, much like a couple of memorable tattoos I have. I love the bangles on site because they're the kind of little reminders and beautiful sentiments that you need to hear/see in life sometimes - being able to personalise your own too is also a great bonus. (You can also get them in different thicknesses, and sizes)

The bracelet arrived beautifully packaged in tissue paper, and a little paper bag too to protect the box - the attention to detail is really there. The boxes are high quality and I was excited to open it and find my bracelet inside.
Opening the box I loved the bracelet instantly, it had this shine to it that screamed happiness to the magpie within me. It was all I'd hoped for and more and I have barely taken it off since and it will probably remain on my wrist for a very long time.

I got through my rough patch, I think with a little help from my fairy god mother at this little company, I'm out the other side and love having a little bits of sparkle in my life.
I've actually ordered more from Emma L'amour since, and will continue to purchase when I need quality gifts or fancy treating myself because first impressions really stick. Thank you for the stunning creations Emma, I look forward to seeing what else you create.

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