AD|PR - Spending Valentines with Teddy Eva Scents

If you know me you know I love a sweet scent, my signature body spray is one of the sweetest going, so with the opportunity to receive a box full of on theme wax melts for Valentines I was all over it, Teddy Eva Scents kindly sent me a Valentines gift box of goodies to try out and I was very excited.

Photograph of the wax melt clamshells in a storage crate with a wax melt burner

I've followed the brand on Tiktok for a while and really enjoy their content - its fun, light hearted, and a breath of fresh air at times in a world that can be so serious. Before Christmas I ordered a load of scents to try, and to gift to friends from them as I'd heard nothing but good things and they smelled divine as I packed them up in gift bags.

The brand is known for their tongue in cheek banter online - and on their site that's also reflected, they have the teddy pots and teddy clamshells which I received but they also sell a bunch of more adult themed items too - starting with their 'cockshells' adult wax melts which have funny on brand names, their gift boxes which range from 'naughty' boxes to your ordinary £20 mystery box - the site has its funny items (even in the adult section - especially in the adult section, actually) along with its family friendly items - the site is easy to navigate to find the kind of items you would like and the theme that suits you. 

When I received the valentines box in the post I opened up the outer box to reveal that it was well packed, with some lovely sweets in the box to enjoy, a note that is definitely on brand and then an inner box with the real goodies inside. 

The valentines box itself is themed around date night, with the story of the scents in a valentines themed note, 4 teddy clamshells mentioned in the note, a heart shaped container of rose soap flowers and a lovely bar of chocolate. Perfect.

Close up of all four scent names and packaging

The clamshells in this box were Love Hearts, Passion Fruit Martini, Fresh Roses and Strawberry Shortcake - upon opening the box I had a smell of them all, being especially drawn to Passion Fruit Martini and Strawberry Shortcake, so I gave the two options to my Mom to pick which we tried out first - we went with Strawberry Shortcake and were so far from disappointed. We have an open plan living/dining area in the house and the sweet smell filled the space, giving the illusion of baking taking place in the adjoining kitchen. It was heavenly. 

Close up of one of the melt blocks burning in the wax melt burner, it has a teddy shape on the top.

This valentines I spent single so it was nice to have a little something for a bit of self care, time reading a good book, with a beautiful scent in the air, a face mask and some good food (we had pizza this year in our house).  I believe that valentines doesn't have to be all about romantic love, it can be about love for the people in your life, and most importantly for yourself. This year I didn't feel alone, or dejected, I felt like I was in the right place - its better to be single and surrounded by those you love than be with the wrong person for all too long. 

Being single doesn't mean you are alone, I am far from it - and yes sometimes it would be nice to meet someone, but it'll happen when life is good and ready for it to, we have plenty of love in our lives without romantic love and that is ok, its normal and there is no rush.

Self love for me is one of the most important things - because you deserve to love yourself right where you are in life, you are worthy of that every single day of the year and Valentines is just one day out of 365, if you're not feeling it, that's ok but you're also allowed to be happy - a commercialised holiday doesn't take away your worth. There is only one you and you are absolutely fantastic.

Having a lovely box to open this year for Valentines day was a little self love and care - and I'm really thankful to Teddy Eva Scents for the opportunity to enjoy that this year. I think everyone deserves something lovely as a treat every so often - and if it makes you feel good, why not have a treat on a day all about love?

As I sit writing this post I'm eating some lemon bonbons that came in the box, wax melt burning away, with Batman and Robin by my side, feeling lots of love. 

Teddy Eva Scents have created some really wonderful scents, that spread through a room and last well into the next day once that candle has been blown out. They have also created a great community on Tiktok with their unique, fun and quirky way of handling things, packing orders online and really interacting with their customer base while finding new customers too - they are such a personable business with real heart and I admire that - its a small business I will be buying form time and time again and I look forward to seeing them grow. 

You can find my first impressions video on my Instagram and Tiktok accounts. 

- Nici x

Flatlay of all 4 wax melt clamshells, 2 open and two closed.

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