Here's to New Beginnings

 Hello there!

Gosh its been a while. Happy New Year!

I haven't utilised my blog which for many years I loved, because frankly, there's so much on here that reminds me of the past that I've put away in a box to try and forget. I've been through the ringer and I've changed and grown a lot (thankfully) but this space needs to change too. 

I'm looking at creating a new logo, and a new overall look for this blog. I want this to be mine, without outside influence and a space I feel happy coming back to again. So I'm off to Canva to have a play around, find out what works for me and then looking up where I can get a nice template to make this space feel positive and a good space for those who read this too.

I think now we're in a new year, with the right headspace its time to make change, I've grown and changed, this space needs to grow too. 

I'm currently working from my new laptop (as I spilled something on the other one, but it was also a nightmare, regularly blue screening before that, so maybe a blessing in disguise?), with Batman and Robin snuggled up in blankets by me on the sofa, wearing my Oodie and finally in a good headspace for this. I've spent the last few months learning a new role in my trade union along with my other pre-existing roles, learning my place and actually gaining a lot of self worth too, that I actually thought I'd lost forever. Helping and trying to make a difference is something that really matters to me, and I feel like I can really do that right now.

The Boys at the sunflower fields, Summer 2023

At Christmas we had a quiet one, me, my Mom and the boys (Batman and Robin), which was lovely and very needed - I did work over the Christmas period too and wished it had been a longer break - but such is life. 

I broke my shoulder back in October, and I'm still having trouble with it which is great fun - more medical appointments and more doctors - just what every disabled and chronically ill person wants to deal with.

I chaired a conference this year, which was quite exciting, and I won an election that was really important to me. My job isn't my favourite place these days, but my union definitely makes things more worth while - in a way following my passions somehow. 

I got a few more tattoos, I saw two of my favourite bands live - Fall Out Boy and Paramore, I got nostalgic seeing Busted with my Mom, had a trip to Devon with my Mom and the dogs (it was the most lovely trip!), saw friends all over the country - some I'd not seen in years because of Covid, went to Topsy Curvy's 10th Anniversary party in Manchester, had therapy sessions to support my mental health, saw the Barbie Movie while wearing pink, drank lots of cocktails, made a wreath at an event a friend was organising for her business (it was such a good course), headed to The Curve Project for the day, went to a few events and openings, saw the Coca-Cola truck in Birmingham, binged a ton of TV shows (anyone else waiting for the next season of The Boys?!), I went out on New Years Eve for the first time ever (admittedly the local pub but I went out!) and ended the year on a high. It wasn't all rosy, and this is a highlight reel of sorts, but I'm still here, and its time to begin again.

Me and My Mom with Jess (@Jessontheplussize) and Milli at The Curve Project

2023 as a whole was quiet in a lot of ways, but I have some great memories with friends and family, you can see a brief wrap of all of that on my Instagram and Tiktok video - but the year seemed to fly by, I don't feel like I achieved a ton or got very far, but we're on to new beginnings and I'm certainly prepared for 2024. Lets do this. Lets change this space, grow it and get back in touch. 

Nici x

Me and my new hair for January 2023

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