A scarf of dreams

When I attended Etsy Made Local there was so many stalls and so many wonderful items that could be purchased.  Unfortunately on the day I ran out of money but there was something I just had to get once I got paid again. This scarf is so soft against your skin, the colours are beautiful and Lottie was so friendly, I received my package quickly, it was wrapped up well and there was a lovely personal note inside. The personal touches and the beautiful items is what keeps me going back to Etsy time and time again for gifts and for beautiful items to keep. 

I purchased this scarf with the full intention of wearing it because as I said above, the material is so soft and the quality is spectacular but the thing is, when I'm wearing it you can't see it's full beauty as well so I've decided to hang it on my wall so I can see it every day and enjoy it. I think this looks beautiful with the lights behind it and I love a bit of art here and there, especially when its from an independent company. 
I chose to hand this across lights so that during the day you still see its beauty and at night you see it really sparkle, the design was so magical I thought that only fairy lights could do it the justice it deserves. See below the various degrees of lighting.

Lottie has lots on offer right now and she is always working on new designs, her work speaks for itself and this is definitely one of my favourite things I picked up late into 2017. Now in 2018 it hangs proud in my home and I couldn't have asked for better service so head over to her Etsy shop on: Lottie Art Design

Also follow her Instagram for regular updates.

*This post is in no way sponsored, the views are my own and I only post honest reviews.

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