The dull clothing season is over, leopard is back!

I don't know about you but recently I've been really disappointed in plus size fashion, everything seems to be a little too dull for my liking and had no real wow factor. One brand who are offsetting this in-between seasons slump is Topsy Curvy. I ordered this dress/top recently, instantly attracted to the vibrant colours that I've been so missing recently. 

I ordered my usual size, not choosing to size up in this case and was right to do so, it fits nicely, is comfortable, skims all the areas that I'm slowly learning to love and makes me feel very confident. I teamed this with my monochrome faux fur leopard coat (old brand that no longer exists) to add some depth to the look, silky leggings (Primark) and velour heeled boots (New Look - Wide fit) for a day into night look. I don't know about you, but if I'm going to go bold, I go all out because what is fashion if not something we can all have a little fun with? I carried on the more fun edge to the look with a cat ear headband which I got from New Look in the January sale. 

I chose to pair this outfit with a neon pink Kiko lipstick, The Urban Decay Moondust pallete on my eyes, Brit Rocks Vintage eyelashes, Nyx Tame and Frame for my brows and a Nyx highlight, this is definitely one of my favourite make up looks. There's also the obvious that this top matches my hair super well, it wasn't planned but the best happy coincidence that I'm rolling with!

I liked these two materials together a lot - the boots are now sold out, boo!

Kitty ears are a must when you're rocking a leopard look!
When shooting this look my Mom loved it so much that she has now bought the same thing, though it is more dress like on her slimmer frame, girls with big boobs beware - this is significantly shorter on us but still a fabulous top and the price is incredibly reasonable. 
What I love about Topsy Curvy is that they offer exciting fashion and choose clothes that really fit a plus size body in a comfortable way. This long sleeved top is perfect for the winter and I may even pair it with my faux fur body warmer for a layered look and a bit more meow. 

I love the way this hangs and the stretchy fabric is perfect.
Warm and still showing off the inner leopard!

 What are you loving in fashion right now? I'm waiting for a change of season myself!

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