The Brow Revolution, Big Bold Brows.

In 2018 for many women brows are a big thing, for me they definitely are. I like my brows relatively big but not too dark, I thought I'd try out a new product to make doing my brows daily a little quicker and easier as I currently use two to three products at a time on them, on my hunt I found Makeup Revolution's Brow Revolution which I've heard some good things about so thought I'd give it a try considering I am a big Revolution fan.


I picked the kit up in medium brown which is the shade I usually go for in brow products, though now in hindsight I think in this case it's a little dark for me. The kit is great as it comes with a brow brush as well as the brush that's inside the tube, the instructions on the box seem pretty straight forward but in application I didn't find it as easy as it seemed, I found application a little messy and to do "feathering" strokes isn't the easiest with the type of brush included as it goes on a little thick for my liking - if you like your brows very full and as a focal point of your face this may just be the product for you.

Brow with Nyx Pomade, kept quite natural.
Natural-ish look brows from a distance, my usual look.
I've used the product a number of times now and as the packaging says it doesn't budge throughout the day which is a great positive for brow products, especially if you're like me and can't always control your temperature. The product is long lasting and works well, however the style of brow it creates is perhaps not for me but I'm going to buy a lighter shade and see how we go with that.

brow revolution, NYX
Left - Brow Revolution, Right - Nyx brow pomade
Myself I prefer a more natural looking brow, I usually use a pencil and a brow pomade from NYX every day, this style does budge throughout which is a downside and why I wanted to try one of Makeup Revolutions brow products as I've found their eye shadows and concealer (yes, THAT concealer that everyone is raving about) to be incredible quality, with this product the quality is definitely there but I'm just not feeling it in this shade but I'd definitely use it for a long day or a night out somewhere warm knowing it wont budge on me but it's not the easiest product to get off your brows, which is fab as it shows the staying power but not the most fun after a long hard day. 

brow revolution
Both brows filled in with Brow Revolution
Have you tried any good brow products recently? Has anyone tried this out and loved it? Let me know in the comments! 
brow revolution
Finished look with the Brow Revoultion product and simple eye makeup, lipstick is also Nyx in their Life on the Dancefloor  collection, shade: Exclusive.

You can purchase this product from Superdrug or the TAM Beauty website (all opinions are my own and I bought the product in store at Superdrug)

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