Whimsical jewellery and creative creatures

As you'll know by now, I love Etsy, it's where it's at for creative, beautiful items that are hand made with love

With Artisan Cat you can tell how much love goes into her craft - she creates stunning jewellery, extraordinary art work and the most creative, mind blowing creatures. I am always impressed when I check out her Etsy because I know I'll find something unique and well made. Here's a few examples of her work:

Hand drawn artwork with the tiniest details never missed!

Cute creatures a-plenty!

A beautiful piece of jewellery!
(All three above photos are from Artisan Cat's Facebook page)

I purchased two necklaces recently; a Rose Quartz Crystal Pendant and a Fairy Door Pendant, both with silver coloured chains;

Both pendants had the same length and clour chain when recieved but with the crystal I changed the chain over to a longer length one so I can pull it over my head and use is for an every day look, whereas the fairy door I am going to keep for special outfits and when I'm wearing something simple to add a bit of whimsy and magic to a plain outfit.
a little sparkle never hurt anybody!

This photograph is credited to the artist:  Artisan Cat and shows the pendant in natural lighting.

I saw the crystal pendant on Facebook and knew I needed it in my collection, the pretty pink colour is so perfect, it contrasts with my hair and this style of necklace would make a lovely Valentines gift for someone. I know I'll be wearing this blush colour on the 14th Feb - and if you don't have a valentine, you should get a gift for yourself - valentines can be about self love too; it's also an important kind of love (the most important if you ask me!).

The fairy door pendant is a gateway to all things whimsical and slightly quirky, it is beautifully made and adds a little something special to an outfit. If you want something out of the ordinary and truly special this is your shop. 

This pendant has such pretty little details, I love the metallic door hinges and handle as well as the sweet little toadstool and vines, everything is so well thought out, unique and made with love. I couldn't recommend visiting the artists online store more. 

I thought this was cute, always stand tall, apart from when going through fairy doors!

The Artists Facebook page is here
The Etsy page is here
And Instagram with all the latest is here

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