Last Minute Wedding Guest Attire with George at Asda

I went to another wedding recently, this year I've been to a few actually and it's really nice to attend celebrations of love and unity but finding the perfect outfit is my bug bear. This time around I was supposed to be away that weekend but when I had to cancel that for personal reasons so I thought why not go to the family wedding and enjoy some fun bonding time. On the day though I wasn't feeling my outfit choices so I headed to my local Asda.

I picked this dress up for £16 and I love it, I felt great all day and really comfortable. I do like George at Asda for fast easy fashion and picking this dress up at that price as a plus size woman is a nice bonus.
I did put my chub rub shorts on underneath it of course but the material is nice and lightweight and hangs nicely on my body. I like the little overlap of material on the top half as it adds a bit more depth to the dress though. Its evident from my hair that I like bright colours but this did push my boundaries a little, with the dress being so vibrant I was definitely a big splash of colour.

Unfortunately the wedding reception wasn't in the most scenic of places so here we have a lovely brick wall of the building, better than some railings and dead grass eh?
The day was extremely hot, and with no air con in the venue we stayed outside for the evening, with the ocassional breeze and a few pints it was definitely the best option. The dress kept me cool enough but kept my legs covered from all the nasties which is always positive.

As I'm quite tall this maxi dress did only come mid calf on me so a bit more of a midi dress but on anyone below my height it would be more maxi. I find most maxi dresses come mid calf on me but since I've got my bubbles tattoo on my ankle I really don't mind that since this summer is the first full chance I've had to show it off since getting it done last year. Teaming the dress with my trusty Skechers wedges gave me that extra bit of height I like with dresses like this and made me feel appropriate for a wedding guest without the discomfort that some wedges and heels provide. Memory foam shoes are a must for me most days with my Fibromyalgia and Skechers are my go to brand for this. I do own lots of shoes from other brands but to keep them on all day this was definitely my best option.

For a last minute buy and a long shot that I'd like it on - I'm really happy with this purchase and felt great on the day. I've been wearing this dress a lot since the wedding, and will continue to.

My makeup I chose for the day is mostly Makeup Revolution and Nyx, except the highlight which is from a sleek palette and eyeliner is Urban Decay Razor Sharp. The necklace I wore was a New Look sale buy.

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