Remembering The Fallen and Embracing The Freedom

As you may know from my previous post, I recently attended Style Seeker Live (and it wasn't my favourite event ever, see why here), but one thing I did take away from it was pushing my comfort zone and purchasing these leather look leggings, something I wouldn't have worn even a year ago.

I took the images for this post at a local church which had a beautiful memorial for the fallen soldiers on the 100th year after Armistice day. I thought it was an appropriate time of year to share something so stunning and I also wanted pay a tribute in my own way to the fallen. Because of the acts of the brave men and animals during the First and Second World War's, we get to live the lives we do today - we are given free choice, a country where we have free speech, and somewhere we feel safe (for the most part). Without the great sacrifices I wouldn't have the option to strut around in leather leggings, to write this blog, or to do many of the things we are free to do today. I am forever grateful, but always saddened that the price to pay was so great for our freedom. I wanted to share these images as tribute, that I am using my freedom and trying to live my best life as well as share with you some of the memorial photographs. 

Now as a rock chick at heart I always wanted to be able to wear things like this but for a long time was very nervous of judgement and my confidence just wasn't there. In trying them while on the challenge I realised how much I've reached that point where I care so much less now and if I want to rock something I will and that if something is made in my size, why not give it a try? 

So, in going with the rock chick theme I'd already ordered this green tartan Topsy Curvy tunic and when it arrived I knew they'd be great together. This look would be perfect for a gig or a night out paired with my Skechers wedges or heeled boots, but I wore it for a day out at the shops with this Primark faux fur collared cardigan and flat boots. I think the faux fur added that touch of glamour and I felt so confident all day but still not overdressed. Upon reflection though, I probably wouldn't pair with these boots in particular, but the cute silver detail on the front of them is nice and I look forward to pairing them with dresses this winter.
I love the tunic's from Topsy Curvy, I own them in a few different patterns and they're all so comfortable. I like that they can be dressed up or down and as they skim the stomach area they are supper (dare I say it) flattering for those who want that kind of coverage. When I saw the green tartan option pop up I knew I needed this, tartan is definitely my favourite Autumn/Winter trend right now. I've also got my eye on the blue version and there are some collared tunic dresses in the tartan too which I definitely think will end up in my wardrobe.

The tunic paired with the leather look leggings make a perfect combo for edgy rocker style but with added comfort - no zips and a stretchy waistband, just what I need with my fibro and in my day to day style.
The leather look leggings were a great buy from Yours Clothing and I think they'll be a staple for me this party season with events to attend and the work Christmas do. The stretchy waistband is great and I managed to get them up to my waist or they can sit on the hips, I do prefer them at my waist but they were a little hard to move in at first! Throughout the day it got easier though and they stretched to be more comfortable and provide more movement so there were no Ross Gellar moments. Getting them on and off was relatively easy too as they're a jegging like material inside because the last thing I want to do is be having to put talc all over my legs and still have to hope for the best. So far I'm really into them and have no faults, they stay up well which is always a bonus.

Ready for party season and feeling a little "Topsy", I can't wait to wear these two pieces more together and separately. The tunic to the bar for after work drinks, the leggings to the You Me at Six gig I have coming up and beyond. 

I'll definitely be wearing this outfit a lot this Autumn/Winter, what's your favourite trend right now?

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